Notification control by groups and/or detection type

Within the app, it is possible to disable or enable notifications for all devices. Would be be possible to make this also grouping specific?

Use case:
When I arrive home, I disable push notifications for my cameras and disable motion detection via IFTTT
When I leave home, I enable push notifications for my cameras and enable motion detection via IFTTT

When I am home, I would like the Wyze Sense PIR motion detection device to still give notifications as it is not serving the same role as a camera in my home. (It’s by the litter box and only being used for cat tracking).

Just food for thought?

It is currently possible to use the Shortcuts feature to toggle notifications for multiple devices by setting up multiple toggle actions for a single shortcut. That said, there are some device actions needed that are currently missing. Same for IFTTT. You can vote for both of those at the topics below. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top and add any comments as desired:

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Thank you!