IFTTT actions on device groups

It would be most excellent to execute IFTTT actions on device groups, rather than setting up one action for each camera. I have your cams in mulitple locations, and have quite a few of them, too. This makes creating IFTTT automations such as “when enter area, turn off notifications” and/or “when exit area, turn on notifications” a marathon of drudgery … and then it is intensely irritating to push any change to all those automations.

Agreed, just made groups and was surprised to see it wasn’t possible to create IFTTT triggers for motion and clear in a group of motion sensors.

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I have a few cameras I’d like turned on and off when I’m home/ away and some I wouldn’t. It would be great to have an ifttt applet for controlling groups instead of an applet for each camera.

I suppose if you wanted to physically turn them off, you could plug each one into a smart socket and make a Scene to turn them all on and another to turn them all off.

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I created a new IFTTT applet that will turn on a Wyze Bulb when your Wyze Cam detects motion. There is no way to have the action turn on a group of Wyze Bulbs. The only options are one bulb or all bulbs.

I assume you should also be able to have the motion detection work for camera groups as well.

Why should we have to buy $50 in smart plugs when Wyze could just allow groups to be controlled instead of individual cameras.

By allowing groups I could have my indoor cams turn off when I’m home and still leave my outdoor cams on more easily.


I’d also very much appreciate this feature! Can’t believe it isn’t an option out of the gate.

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Yes, with the bulbs, not being able to control a group is super annoying. I bought some Wyze bulbs and use them for my outside lights. Fortunately I don’t have any inside so I can just trigger them ALL to come on at night and shut off in the morning. But this is preventing me from getting more bulbs for inside, since ALL bulbs would include the ones inside too. Right now I use Smart Life bulbs inside, and while they work, I would prefer Wyze bulbs.
Fix this Wyze and I will buy more of your bulbs!

Please enable this feature.
This would allow me to always keep my sensor alerts active while disabling camera alerts…

I agree. It doesn’t seem like a stretch for an IFTTT applet to control groups when it can already control “all cameras”. Maybe I am missing something and don’t have the skillset to make it happen, but being able to control an entire group via IFTTT seems reasonable.

Even more reasonable is for Wyze to include these features in the app or firmware.

Agreed. I tried triggering with the Wyze app and the results have been spotty at best

On the camera grouping topic, if you are using Alexa and IFTTT there’s a pretty easy way to group, I set it up in about 15 minutes - see this post How to trigger multiple applets in IFTTT | by Gareth Wilson | Glitch | Medium

All that being said, Wyze should expose groups to IFTTT, should allow the Alexa to turn cameras on/off and provide a multi-user geofence that integrates with basic features (Eg, on/off) - so we don’t have to hack around it. Still love these Wyze cams though ! :grin:

IFTTT currently only allows the user to select specific cameras or ALL cameras, but not camera groups. Example: if I leave a specific area, IFTTT can be triggered to turn ALL of my cameras on, or just a specific camera on, but not and entire group. I have two groups, “indoor” and “outdoor”. When I leave I would like the “indoor” cameras to turn on, and when I come home be turned off. The “outdoor” cameras should always remain on.

never mind that ‘all cameras’ also includes shared cameras which I don’t even own. oh well, with ifttt going pay-only this feature wouldn’t be useful anymore anyway.

I pay for IFTTT… I’d still like to see the group actions. I have cameras at multiple locations so having to create multiple rules for cameras is kinda tedious.

I have 3 bulbs in my living room that I want to turn on at sunset, and worked around the deficiency by triggering one of the bulbs, then set up 2 more applets to turn on the second when the first one turns on, then turn on the third when the second one turns on.

It’s a PITA, but seems to work okay in this limited use case. I’m paying for IFTTT Pro, and a related frustration is that while it’s possible to string multiple actions from one trigger, apparently you can’t do the SAME action (like turn on a bulb) more than once - the option isn’t listed when adding subsequent actions.