ANother issue with IFTTT or it is in Wyze side?

When you share a camera with someone, this person has not authorization/previleges to change anything, which is right. The problem comes when that person uses IFTTT. That person can choose shared cameras (and other devices) in IFTTT not just as triggers, but has action as well.

For example, I shared my cameras with my syster and, whenever she gets home she uses IFTTT to turn off ALL CAMERAS, switching off mine’s too. This should not happen, at all.


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By the way, I should say that this is a security bug!!!

I use IFTTT and I can say I agree that shared cameras should not appear in ifttt for the shared user.

BUT, since it does, your sister needs to redo her ifttt recipe to set each camera individually. In ifttt when you select actions you have a chose of all cameras (which is what I suspect she used) or just specific cameras.

Yes, it is ALL CAMERAS option she uses. Before she uses an individual one but since IFTTT gets greedy, then she switch to this mode to save applets to other stuff.

She should be able to do each camera separately in the same recipe. Rather than a new recipe for each camera. I think ifttt only limits the number of recipes not how many actions for each recipe.

Nop, you get 1 trigger + 1 action. If you want more, you have to pay a monthly fee. Corporate greed!!

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Yeah, it used to be free. I ended up subscribing for a ‘choose my own rate’ promotion when they switched from free to paid, so I took advantage of that since ifttt is so versatile and I use it for many things. I know it costs money to operate the servers ifttt ran off of, so I can see there being some expense, but the monthly price they charge was way too much without that promotional discount.

What I’d LOVE to see is grouping within ifttt for Wyze products. My sengled light bulbs are grouped in my sengled app, and in ifttt I can choose from those groups, individually, or all. I don’t know why Wyze grouping doesn’t show up in ifttt.

You are right, shouldn’t be. It is a security bug.

And that’s it, end of story as Wyze is too busy thinking in a smart device to warn you when your pop corns are done :roll_eyes: thant fixing costumers problems, yes, because it is your problem now, not Wyze’s. :face_vomiting: