Will Wyze be informing customers that IFTTT is no longer free?

With the recent changes to IFTTT making it a paid service will Wyze be informing customers or possibly change the website and packaging to include "additional fees may apply "

IFTTT is a paid service if you subscribe to pro, but not if you have 3 or less applets. I trimmed down my applets and am able to not pay. If I have the need for more applets or more of the service, I’ll opt in and get pro. The IFTTT website makes it pretty obvious that it can be a paid service. I got emails about pro when they switched. I’d say there is some due diligence that the user must do when using 3rd party integration to understand what they are getting into and if they choose to go that route.


To add to @Omgitstony, the Wyze devices still work with IFTTT for no additional cost.


All WYZE claims is that their products are compatible (integrates) with IFTTT. I see no reason for them to elaborate on that.
If you know what IFTTT is then you are probably aware of the limitations of the free version.


Do you know, by chance, if the 3 applets can contain multiple actions? Or, is it 3 single action applets?

I believe it’s the same as before. I only wittled down my old applets, haven’t created new ones. But reading about Pro, getting that allows you to have more logic in the applets.

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I know the now limited free version IFTTT allows for 3 single action applets, basically what you had before but now limited to 3. I had 65 so it kind of sucks lol.


I had >10 but was only using 2. I discovered we can’t even stock pile more than 3, it’s not just limited to 3 active applets. I deleted some of the ones I never use and can not add any unless I have < 3.

For those fine print readers out there, I think this “third party services” section of the TOS applies. Fine print makes my head hurt.