Looking for recommendation for my side business - IFTTT related

Hello Guys,
So as my part time job, I install cameras for people around town. WYZE camera has been my go to camera and I purchase a lot monthly to install. One feature that my client love is, I install a Raspberry pie as part of setup and have WYZE trigger IFTTT applet call a webhook and they get notified on their smart Home assistant(Google Home) to make announcment that someone is outside or if a sound is heard etc.

I have advised my existing client to upgrade to IFTTT pro for $1.99 a month, some are not super stoked but most doing it. Now my concern is for my new clients after Oct 7th, I can not advertise this feature anymore, I don’t think anyone would pay $9.99 USD a month.

    • Is there anyway to trigger a webhook other than IFTTT? (tinycam is not an option since I can not run an android device 24/7)
    • Is there any plan for WYZE to add this if not possible already? or else I would be have to switch to other brands that support this (not sure which yet, need to do some research)

Thank you,

Not sure I understand why all of that is necessary - what is the goal? Because what I’ve quoted above is a core feature of the regular Wyze app. (Specific person detection notwithstanding.)

Sorry I mis-typed that, (corrected now) I was referring to Google Home speakers. I install node-red for them, WYZE calls a webhook via IFTTT and webhook make an announcement on Google Home via Node-red.

Ah, okay, that makes a little more sense. If you switch them to Echo Dots ($25 on sale) the recently added and built in Wyze to Alexa person detection announcements work very well for me. To do sound and motion announcements is more difficult (but often unneeded).

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Oh Cool, I didnt know you have that option with Echo. Will try it, however some already have Google Home and would be difficult to make them switch, I guess they have a Echo dedicated to Wyze.

I am curious though, would you happen to know why would Wyze allow IFTTT to call their API and not general public? I mean how does this benefit Wyze?