Through Automation, Can I Temporarily Disable NOTIFICATIONS from a Specific Wyze Sense Motion Sensor (or a group of them)?

This is NOT about a Wyze camera, or any other devices, or their related notifications.

I have been using IFTTT to do various things with my Wyze cams, and other stuff for years.
I also do a lot of stuff with the Wyze-Alexa integration.
So, I’m familiar with those systems.

In IFTTT, I see that it is possible to disable notifications globally, but that’s not what I want (I only want to disable them for this one motion sensor).

I also see that I can disable notifications for a particular camera, and I use that, but that’s not what I’m looking for (i.e. Wyze Sense Motion Sensor).

Is it possible to just temporarily (i.e. based on the trigger of my choosing, like when connected to specific Wi-Fi, etc) disable notifications (i.e. I’m NOT wanting to actually fully disable the motion sensor) for a particular Wyze Sense Motion Sensor?

While I’m home, I do not want to keep getting notifications from a particular group of Wyze Sense Motion Sensors.
I want them to keep sensing motion, and doing their thing.
I don’t want to disable notifications globally for all of my Wyze gear.
I also don’t want to disable notifications for all Wyze Sense Motion Sensors, either, because I want it to still be sending notifications for other Wyze Sense Motion Sensors; just not for a certain subset of them.

Thanks, in advance, for any ideas you guys may have. :slight_smile:

You can tap on the “add” icon (+), then “add rules”, then schedules. You schedule the notifications for each sensor individually, or a group(scroll to the bottom to see groups)
More information here:


That doesn’t actually address the very specific thing I asked for help with, but thank you for responding.

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I cannot think of any easy ways to accomplish what you are looking for to be honest. I have not looked into it extensively but you may be able to do something using an Android app called Tasker.

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