Possible to "turn off" notifications to multiple users?

With other systems, I’m accustomed to “turning off” an alarm on arrival home, so that door sensors, motion sensors, etc., don’t send alert notifications to all household members that carry phones & receive alerts.

I’ve set up a Wyze Cam Pan, 2 door sensors, and a single motion sensor, then created a rule on my phone that “turns off” notifications (e.g. for when I arrive home).

I’ve then set up the phone of my wife to have the Wyze app, and connected to the devices.

I don’t think I’ve got what I need, though. If, for instance, we’re both away, then, say, my wife gets home, and “disables notifications”, it only does that for HER PHONE. I will still receive notifications as she goes in/out doors, trips the motion sensor, etc.

What am I doing wrong? Or, is there a feature suggestion that needs up-voted? Or, …?

Lacking this “cloud rule” capability makes Wyze products a poor substitute for, e.g. the iSmartAlarm system (which can do this) with relatively similar equipment).


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It’s not currently a direct feature.

You should add it to the #wishlist!

i don’t use some of the products you are talking about, but couldn’t you just turn them off? I don’t mean unplug or pull the battery or anything like that, but isn’t there an option to turn off the sensors like there is the cams?

I have my Cams turn off and on at a set time every day for this reason.

You can turn off cameras. You cannot turn off Wyze door switches or motion detectors.

It’s on the #wishlist but it’s marked as “probably not”

What is “it” to which you refer? Cloud-based rules, or turning off this devices?

Either way, do you have a link to that wishlist post?

Turning off the sensors

That’s fine - don’t need to turn off the sensors, as long as I can disable notifications to multiple app endpoints from one app endpoint.

You can’t do this, it’s not a feature!:worried:


I have opened a feature request / wishlist for this.

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