Cloud-based rules for multi-device notification control

User story: As a user with Wyze products set up to detect unauthorized home entry I want a rule that will enable (or disable) notifications for (a) device(s) across ALL end-user notification-receiving devices (e.g. mobile phones) so that one person can control notifications to all other persons.

Use case description: I want a way for a single person to “turn off” alarm trigger notifications to all household members that carry phones & receive alerts so that door sensors, motion sensors, etc., don’t continue to send alert notifications to others after one person has turned them off. This is not possible with Wyze at this time (2020 September).

For instance, I’ve set up a Wyze Cam Pan, 2 door sensors, and a single motion sensor. I’ve also created a rule on my phone that “turns off” notifications (e.g. for when I arrive home). I’ve then set up the phone of my wife to have the Wyze app, and connected it to all our devices.

Assume we both leave (and for this illustration, we both turn “on” notifications to our phones). Assume then that my wife returns home, and “disables notifications”. This rule only disables notifications for HER PHONE. Sadly, I - who am not at home - still receive notifications as she goes in/out doors, trips the motion sensor, etc. In order to confirm that her movements are not an unauthorized entry, I must contact her to determine whether she had returned home (or not).

Lacking this “cloud rule” capability makes Wyze products a poor substitute for, e.g. the iSmartAlarm system (which can do this) with relatively similar equipment.

There are several approaches to this: Network-based rule evaluation, or endpoint-based evaluation using subscribe/notify to update all devices of rule state. (Maybe there are more!). Either way, some sort of “update notification state of all end-user endpoints” is needed.