Wyze sensor notifications

Directly turn off motion detection on one of the devices by itself without having to turn all notifications off.

For example: I want my kitchen motion sensor on when I am not home and I do not want it going off every five minutes when I am home. But also have my garage door sensor on 24/7.

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Hi @Shapehp, Could you please explain in more detail what you mean by this?

I came here searching for this topic, so I’ll piggyback off this thread.

Let me set the scene: I have 6 wyze cams and the new sense kit. I work from home, so I have some of my camera notifications set up to alert me of an event only at certain times to avoid getting constant notifications about my own movements at home. The sense products don’t seem to have an option to select the time frame in which you’d like to receive notifications like the cameras do. It’s either on or off. Are there plans to give us the same notifications options with the sense that we have with the cameras? For example, if I only wanted to know if someone accessed my home during the hours of 8am to 6pm on the weekdays, when most people are at work, is that a possibility?

Exactly. We need contact and motion sensor notification time parameters - not just 24/7 open or closed. If anyone knows of a workaround, I’d love to try it.

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My workaround was this:

  • Program a schedule into a smart plug
  • Power a Wyze Cam with that smart plug
  • Plug bridge into that camera and sync sensors with it

Those sensors now only notify me when that smart plug is turned on via the schedule

In the current app, you can turn on/off sensor notifications in a shortcut’s actions and thus you can also schedule them.

This is reinforcement for the above post. It is right on! The lack of Notification control, as stated in the above is a critical fault. TIme of day control of notifications is a must. I have 6 V2 Cameras and a bridge on one of them. The Bridge has 4 contact sensors configured. The contact sensors are on sliding doors that are used every few minutes during the day. At night I want notifications when any of these sensors are opened but during the day it just makes a continuous mess of essentially unwanted notices. Please put this high on the list to fix or tell me in detail how to make it works like the scheduling on the cameras!

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While I appreciate the ingenuity, it hurts my brain to think about having to add another hardware and software layer for something that can be fixed in the code of the original hardware. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I want the ability to set DND schedule for sense notifications. Use case is if I am at home, I don’t want notifications when my patio door is open. However i want that if I am away or at work(9am-6pm)


You can do this now using the Shortcuts feature. Click the support link, top right, and search “shortcuts” for instructions.

Thanks. Now I realize what I really wanted was based geo location(if I am at home), I don’t need notifications from certain devices( cam for example). Automating the shortcut based on location ain’t there today.

I believe IFTTT has a service called “location” which you can use to do what you are looking for.
I use life360 attached to my smartthings hub for the integration.
However, it is an all or nothing at the moment. All notifications from Wyze are on or off… no granularity.