Time of day notifications for contact sensors

Just got the starter kit but disappointed in lack of options for notifications on the contact sensors. What I want to do is have it notify me when my garage door is open at 9:00 pm for example and it only allows me to set how long it was open. I looked thru IFTTT and didn’t find anything for this. I would love to set this up as some kind of routine on my google home but not at all clear where wyze stands on that whole topic.


Trying shortcuts to turn on notifications for “go to bed” and turn them off for “wake up” but not able to make them work right…one weird thing is when I get a notification it is +5 hrs from EST …anyone seen that? the timeline is correct on the app.

Also, it appears the real problem is the “left open” notification doesn’t work. the open and close and left closed work…but left closed only notifies you once. I was hoping for continual notifications let’s say every hour or whatever is set.

Anyway I couldn’t find work around and really just need notification for
“Open at 9 Pm”

I’ll return unless someone has good suggestion for how to work around this.

they are currently looking into possible options for scheduling the Wyze sensors. but they haven’t said much, there have been quite a few requests for it though.

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