Contact Sensors - Alert After Remaining Open Past a Specific Time of Day

Would be a helpful option to have an alert if a contact sensor is left open after a certain time of day. Extra handy if the alert could be triggered even if the app global notifications option is set to off. I realize there is an alert if a sensor remains open for a specific amount of time.

For example, I leave my garage door open slightly during the day for airflow, If it’s still opened after 10 pm or so, I would like to receive an alert


The ability to schedule sense notifications is currently in testing as described here:

It will be accomplished via the Shortcuts feature.

I don’t think you’re ever going to see notifications happen when the global notification switch is off. That would pretty much defeat its purpose. There would be combinations of “exceptions” for this to happen. Global is just that – no notifications from Wyze – all or nothing.

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I realize I can set time schedules for when alerts can be received per sensor, but I don’t think that would accomplish what I’m looking for. I want to get an alert if the Garage Door is left open after a specific time of day.

Is that type of alert currently in testing?


Has anyone come up with a solution for this. I am looking for An answer to the same question. Using the motion sensor we have the ability to activate an action during a certain timeframe. For instance I have some under cabinet lights turn on if someone enters the kitchen between 5pm and 7am. I would like to do similarly with the contact sensor. Alert me if the garage door has been open for longer than 1hour from 8pm to 7am. I want to keep from leaving the garage door open all nigh long.

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I just bought additional Wyze sensors specific for the purpose to notify my if my garage door is after late a night, 10:00 pm to avoid fortgetting to close it. I was surprised to see this is not possible and actually disappointed. I am however hopeful that Wyze will be brining out this functionality.

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I have the same need. Has anyone figured out a way to do this?

I sent them an email about this about a month ago and they directed me to this forum. This is exactly what I want too. I don’t mind my garage being open during the day, but at 10pm if it’s open I want an alert (even nicer would be an ‘extreme priority’ notification setting that wouldn’t be turned off by global notifications.).

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Yes, same. I open my office window during the day and sometimes forget to close it. Would like to get a notification if I leave it open past a certain time. Ifttt didn’t have anything either.

Just adding my support. I’d love to be able to do this, specifically through IFTTT or through an Amazon routine. The only options currently available are the actual open and close triggers.

Wyze has a feature for the Door Lock that plays an alert when the door is left open for a certain period of time. Id think it’d be pretty simple to add the same functionality to the sensors.

Hi guys, unfortunately this feature is not available but I do this: a trigger event, with source the contact sensor open for a minute, the action is activate the plug (you can connect there something that alert you like a speaker or a light) this task only runs in the period I need to verify if the garage is open, for example from 9:59 pm to 10:01pm. Even if the contact sensor had been open for hours it trigger this rule. Hope will be helpful for you.

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Ditto! Also looking for this functionality