Wyze Home Monitoring Sensors Turn Off Notifications

I just received the Home Security System. One piece of feedback/wish I would like to comment on is that there should be a way to automatically stop notifications from the door and motion sensors when we are home and the system is disarmed. I keep getting notifications whenever we open and close doors or walk around the house. It looks like I have to go into each sensor individually and turn off the notifications. Instead, the system default to sensor notifications OFF when the system is disarmed. It’s a pain to have to have to go back to each individual sensor and turn on the notifications when I arm the system or turn them off individually when it’s not armed. This should be automatic. My phone is constantly buzzing when I walk around the house or go outside.

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If I understand your question correctly, you can control the default behavior of the devices when they sense an alarm event, such as motion or opening, try the so.
From the app Home screen;
Monitoring/ Home Monitoring Settings/ Home and Away/ Home/ Alarm Response. There you have default options for how you want the System to respond to events in the different modes.

Until we’re given the ability to individually customize each sensor notification for each mode (Disarmed, Home and Away), you can create a shortcut to make turning them on/off a little easier with one button push… just need to remember to turn them back on. Here’s a mute (notifications off) example:

You can create shortcuts via: Wyze app Home > “+” in upper left > Add Rule > Shortcut > name your rule > Add Action > select your sensor > Turn off notification (or on) > Save.

Add as many additional actions to the rule for other sensors > Save

Your shortcut rule will appear as a button at the top of your Wyze app Home.

To edit, delete or sort your shortcut rules: Wyze app Home > Edit (pencil icon in upper right) > Edit Rules > select your Rule and edit or drag the rule to sort

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The problem with controlling notifications from the Alarm event level is granularity. For example, when I have my system in Home mode, I want the contact (entry) sensors to trigger an alarm and also sound notifications. To do that, simply add contact sensors to the list in Home mode. I don’t want motion sensors to trigger an alarm in Home mode so I don’t add them. Any motion detected won’t trigger an alarm, but it will sound a notification.

In Disabled mode, I don’t want any sensor notifications at all. The only way to turn them off is to either create a shortcut or go into settings for each sensor.

As each user has their own preferences, we should have the ability to set those preferences for each sensor for each of the 3 modes.


Excellent point. Had not looked at it that way but I see what you are saying. I think that’s a more detailed step than @jgregovich was asking about but in comparing side-by-side with my current system you are absolutely correct. My current does allow exactly that level of control.
I hadn’t thought about using shortcuts-that’s a great point. I’m going to explore that.


I find no way to turn off notifications when I have the service “disabled” such as when I am home and up and around. Why would I want to have my phone beep at me every time someone opens a door or triggers the motion sensor. There needs to be a toggle switch where I can elect to disable notifications when I turn off and disable the service.


That is good information, but only partially addresses the problem. I would not need the “home” function other than at night when we’ve retired. It is in the “disarmed” mode that this issue raises its head for me. I have elected to basically turn OFF the system by disarming…but I still get notified every time a door opens AND closes, and each time I or a family member triggers the motion sensor. Wyze should offer those same options for all THREE modes (home and away, but also DISARMED).


This is so true! There needs to be an option tying Notifications to alarm state. Notify me when something occurs in HOME or AWAY modes, not DISABLED mode. Allow notifications to be sent when the system is ARMED/DISARMED. It’s just silly to notify me every time someone walks by the motion detector.


Just set my bundle up today. The first place I expected it to be was in a rule. Makes sense to me that arming/disarming the system would be a logical trigger.


This needs to be corrected. I just installed and setup monitoring today and the alerts I’m receiving while the system is in disabled mode is unnecessary. Notify me when something occurs in HOME or AWAY modes, not DISABLED mode. As other users have mentioned, it’s just silly to notify me every time someone walks by the motion sensor or opens/closes a door when disabled mode.


I also just set up this morning. Setup went fine but I also was getting notifications in disarmed mode for all the sensors…I spent a long time trying to troubleshoot not knowing that they would still keep going off even in disarmed. Totally ridiculous…this may be a deal breaker and the system might be sent back.


You can go into the motion sensor settings and turn off the motion detection notifications. Motion will still trigger an alarm when the system is armed even with the notifications disabled.

Thanks Jon, I understand that but I shouldn’t have to go in turn them off every time I go into disarmed or Home mode, then go and change it again in away mode, then change it back again when I get home…it should link to what mode I’m in auto


Why don’t you try to go to the individual sensor both motion and door and uncheck the send notifications button.

Totally not the point. The point is that disabled should mean “disabled”…in what universe does this (and therefore “should”) mean that a system should be operational when it should be “disabled”
disabled dĭs-ā′bəld

  • adj.
  • adj.
    Impaired, as in physical functioning.?

So, a user should not have to do this or that for something that, by definition, is disabled (inoperative). The software is deficient and should be corrected by Wyze.


Alright alright, take’er easy there @PNGento. Just because someone doesn’t offer the best solution in a forum doesn’t mean you need to be a dooosh.


I think that the Apple and Android apps are different in some way…no one has mentioned what phone they use, but some are saying disable notifications and you will still get alarms when sensors tripped in home or away mode. This at least for me is not so on my Moto G7 Android 11…if I keep notifications disabled and a sensor is tripped in and alarm mode, I get NO notifications pushed to the phone. If I keep notifications on, I get push notifications ALL THE TIME regardless of if I’m in disarmed, home, or away mode. This is why it is so vital to get this fixed and link notifications to the mode that the system is in, even my cheapo non monitored Kangaroo system does this. At the very least give me the option to set up rules linked to the alarm state which also is not an option…

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Searched but haven’t seen it brought up yet…could you address the issue with the home Monitoring system and the fact that even in disarmed mode ALL the sensors STILL send notifications to my phone. In the Home mode, I expect the door sensors to send notifications but NOT the motion sensor, and of course in Away mode all sensors should send notifications. Problem is it doesn’t matter what mode I’m in I ALWAYS get notifications. A major oversight…when it’s disarmed I don’t need to know everytime the door opens or I’m walking thru the living room. And I shouldn’t have to disarm the system AND open the app to disable notifications or to enable them when I leave or change to Home mode. If it makes a difference this is on Android phone, not iphone. I have reached out to CS and we had a good conversation going bit when I asked if there would be a fix soon and if not I would want to return it, the conversation ended and I can’t get a response now…


To me it’s simple. You can chose the enable or disable notification from the sensor itself. You shouldn’t be needing to connect this feature with the HMS
In other words you want to know via a push notifications (or not went to know) if a door or window was open, even if the alarm is home off or away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While I’m home and the system is in disarmed and even home mode that is fine not to have notifications pushed to the phone, because the homeowner is there. BUT, when placed in Away mode and notifications are disabled of course none are sent…thing is a lot of us want the push notifications when a sensor is tripped when we are away from the house. Enabling and disabling notifications for each mode change will get old fast…for some people this may work just keeping push notifications off all the time, bit not for everyone.