Need help with IFTTT

I just bought my first Wyze, the Wyze Cam Pan and I’m having trouble setting up my iphone to work with it and IFTTT.

I don’t know anything about IFTTT so please if anyone can help, explain it to me in details.

I’m trying to set up so when I’m home the Pan Scan, Motion Tracking, Motion Tagging and notifications are all OFF.

I have IFTTT installed on my iphone and have logged into it and connected to Wyze and to Location. I’ve also enabled Wyze’s Turn On/Off notification applets and Enable/Disable motion detection applets. I’ve set my location but they don’t seem to do anything. I still get notification even when I’m home plus I can’t find a way to enable Pan Scan, Motion Tagging only when not home.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can find tutorials on YouTube on how to set up various use cases with IFTTT. Here is one I found but you can also do a search and find other tutorials that may help you as well.


Using IFTTT you can turn on/off the notifications and the motion detection but the Pan Scan, Motion Tagging and Motion Tracking cannot be turned off through IFTTT at this time.

There is a #wishlist item to add more triggers and actions in IFTTT, you can also go and vote there if you would like (voting is in the upper left)


I have setup IFTTT and it doesn’t work. Nothing happens. It doesn’t disable notifications or motion tracking or anything. Not sure where I"m going wrong but searching through the 1000s of posts on here is only getting more frustrating because none of them truly explain how to set it up from scratch on an iphone. Only vague information or at least from what I’ve found.

To be honest I don’t understand why all of this isn’t in the app already. Seems like common sense to add geofencing to a home security camera…

They do not sell them as home security cameras, many people just use them as such. I use IFTTT as a geofence also, but I use the Life360 app as my trigger because I have not had luck using IFTTT’s location service. To do it the way I have you would do these things:

  1. Download Life360 to your phone and set your house as a location (they all it a place in the app)
  2. Set up the IFTTT trigger (IF portion) with arrive at home (or whatever you called your place)
  3. Set up the IFTTT action (That portion) with turn off notifications on cam

That would turn off notification on cam when you arrive home, from there you can set up to turn them on when you leave. That should get you started.


It would be cool if somebody woukld create a step by step tutorial for the less tech savy like myself. Thanks

Thank you for the step by step I appreciate it. If the default Wyze applets end up not working I’ll setup the ones you suggested. I found out that they don’t trigger unless I leave and come back which is kind of silly, I’m here in my home and it should see I’m here in my home when I set it up and turn it off but it doesn’t until I leave and come back.

The Wyze app is really lacking in functionality but I guess that’s the price you pay for the low cost of the cameras.

Ok it appears to be working but the IFTTT app doesn’t send me any notifications when it turns things on and off. It doesn’t even appear in “Notifications” in iOS settings app.

Also is there a way to turn on motion tracking when I leave my home?

I’m really starting to rethink my purchase here the software for these cams are so half assed.

Wyze cams are nice but there are some silly things that should have been already implemented ages ago instead of waisting time on nuts and bolts.