Toggle Wyze Cam Pan on/off (or turn push notifications off) when home?

Camera details: Wyze Cam Pan with latest firmware (
iPhone 8 with latest version of Wyze app (1.3.152)

From the Wyze iPhone app, is there a way toggle the camera on/off or turn push notifications off temporarily (for example when I’m home)? I obviously don’t need push notifications when I’m home and the motion is me but I would like to receive push notifications of motion when I’m not home. Other cameras usually have a “home” and “away” mode to accomplish this or even a way to toggle the camera power on/off. Does the Wyze Cam Pan have something similar?

IFTTT integration allows it automatically.


I just tried integrating with IFTTT but it’s not working so far. I’ll give it some time.

So I’m assuming this functionality isn’t built into the camera itself?

I have set IFTTT to enable notifications when I leave my home WiFi network, and disable notifications when my wifi network is in range.

IFTTT doesn’t seem to work for me. Does it not work with new Wyze Cam Pan? The details for the applets only mention firmware for the older cameras so maybe it hasn’t been updated for Wyze Cam Pan yet?

For others interested though and wanting the same question answered, a somewhat clunky workaround is:
-Open the Wyze app
-Tap on the camera image
-Tap the gear icon (top left)
-Go into “Alert Settings”
-Turn off “Motion Detection”

This way the camera will stop recording/sending pushing notifications when you are home.

When you leave the house (and want the motion detection/push notifications on again), you follow the same steps except toggle “Motion Detection” to the on position.

IFTTT functionality is limited at this time, especially with turning on/off operations. I hope Wyze is working on:

  1. Turning on/off all notifications, including sound, smoke, etc.
  2. Turning the entire camera functionality on/off. I don't wish to have it do any recording/observing/monitoring when someone is at home (for example).
Wyze staff: Please let us know what is being planned on further automation.


I have set On to Motion Detection, I tried to remotely pan the camera left and right from work so the image moves, but I didn’t receive any Notification on my Android like the way I am home. Is it the way supposed to do? I did the same thing to Foscam R2, I got Notification at work right away.

From my observation, the camera is smart enough to know that it moved (which caused the image to change), and therefore NOT alert on that image change. It would not make sense to alert for an image change if the camera moves (either manually controlled or Pan Scan).


Thanks K6CCC!

Can more Cam Pan users do the same test as remotely move the camera (no one’s home) to see if Push Notification would trigger? I appreciate it!

My home automation system turns off the power to my interior cameras when anyone is home and turns the camera power back on once everyone is gone. It does this with old X10 appliance modules that I had removed from service when other systems started using modern network solutions. I would much prefer to leave the cameras always powered on and just toggle the video stream instead. So +1

I think my confusion is debunked; remotely moving the lens doesn’t trigger the Motion Alert. And I just figured the Motion Tracking is actually quite effective (w/ 80% sensitivity on mine). I just received a couple Push Notifications at work. Oddly enough that I know no one is home at the moment, so I looked up the archive on AWS, it was the twilight hitting my window that created a slightly moving reflection.

Just another reason for me to get a few more Cam Pan. :slight_smile:

I would love to be able to use IFTTT to be able to turn my cameras off when I got home. I came here looking for this exact thing. +1

I am trying the Alert Schedule feature. In the camera screen > gear icon > alert schedule > set alert schedule. I have it turned on only for the time period desired. Therefore it is off otherwise. We use 8:00 PM - 06:00 AM as we monitor a child’s room.