Switch off Wyzecam Pan using the app

Is there a way to turn off the Wyzecam Pan like when I am at home?

I have the same question. In the FAQ’s it says to click into the camera’s livestream on the Wyze app, tap the More icon, and tap Turn off. I do not have a Turn off option.

Make sure that your phone app and the camera have the latest versions. That ability is fairly new.


Can you please check and provide the version numbers. At least on my mobile app, I don’t see any new update and can’t find this feature.



My iPhone app version is 1.4.48

My V2 cameras are firmware version

My Pan cameras are firmware version

Both camera types have the “Turn off” option after selecting “More”


It seems like it might be an iPhone app only feature for now :frowning: Will try on an iphone app

I just updated both and I still do not have the option to Turn off under More.

How do you have the iPhone app version 1.4.48, when the latest version in the iPhone App Store is only 1.3.152?

Oops! That function is still in beta. I was thinking that the public release version had caught up with the Beta. Sorry.

OK, it’s coming soon for the rest of you.


Wyzecam team, you are awesome. This feature is available now. Thank you

Follow up on this.

Cool can turn OFF my cameras.

How do I turn them back ON, if they’re Off, how can the App communicate with an OFF camera?



Just like your TV that is not completely off when you turn it off, same with the camera. The CPU is still alive and the WiFi is still connected so it turns back on just fine.


Can we create an create an IFTTT to turn off/on cam when entering/exiting the location ?. I know there exists an IFTTT which turns off/on motion detection, but it still keeps following motion which is annoying. It will be nice to have IFTTT to turn off/on cam based on location.