Can you turn off the camera when home?

I understand you can turn off motion and sound detection which will stop the recording of events when home. But I see that the live stream is still working.


Is it possible to turn off the camera altogether?


Thank you.


ps. where did that frownie face avatar come from?


In the latest beta, you can turn off cameras completely. However, it is not available via IFTTT, at least not yet.

Thanks for your response. I don’t know what “IFTTT” is.

Would be pleased to test that portion if you need a beta tester. I prefer the camera not to be live streaming continuously, but rather only when it is appropriate.

Really love the camera and look forward to learning more about all the features. The Youtube videos are terrific.



If you want it really, really disconnected, the only way is to unplug it. Even in the “off” mode, it is still listening for the “on” signal to turn back on. And when it’s on, it’s not actually streaming anywhere unless you connect to it for live stream.

If you want to “unplug” it remotely, you could use an internet controlled switch, which you can get nowadays for around $8 each.


New App Version released to the public today , click on more , there you will find the ON/OFF button, It works great

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Terrific. I don’t see the app listed on the App update page? I checked and I am on the previous version. When and how can I get the new version for my iPhone? Do I need to totally delete the previous version and start from scratch?

Thanks for checking up on this for me.



The update just appeared on the iPhone. Yep, just a click to turn off the camera. Brilliant !!! Many thanks.



Would using a smart plug cause any premature deterioration to the camera if the plug is scheduled to power cycle on/off on a daily basis (i.e. frequent inrush current)?

I’d like to upvote this feature request. I set up my wyze cam just an hour ago and immediately looked for this option. Even if it’s not streaming, I don’t want the camera to be on unless I’m NOT home. I know I could turn it on and off manually but I’d like it to happen automatically.

Location based automation is not supported currently in the app.

However, location based automation can be accomplished with the IFTTT integration. Search for IFTTT here and in the support pages.


It is crucial to add a feature in the app where you can schedule the power off/on of the camera, whether for privacy or reducing of the SD card storage usage etc, buy a smart plug for such a simple action is such a waste, but for the app developers must be a few codes to write, please hear the wyze community.

You can schedule camera on/off using the shortcuts feature in the app:

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I have two of the cams and one keeps turning itself back on after I have turned it off using the app. Is there a way to fix this? I have no idea why it started doing this today. I don’t see any settings that are different between the two cameras.

Is the camera shared with anyone?

I used to have to go into the “More” menu on the camera page to get to the app setting to turn the camera off, but in the most recent update, they’ve put a power button on the “Home” page…don’t even have to open the camera page proper to turn it on and off now.

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Thank you. That worked.