Remote ‘sleep’ option

Sorry if this has been asked before, or if it’s a blatantly obvious feature. But is there a way to toggle recording functionality without having to physically unplug/plug in the device?

Yes you can create a shortcut in the app to turn off and turn on the camera.

But why? For the V2 it doesn’t save anything, the wireless keeps running and electric usage remains about the same.

Do you mean the user recording normally turned on from the Live Stream screen by clicking the video camera icon? Or are you referring the the Event recording or the continuous recording option?

You can turn cameras on/off right on the home page, when the cam is off it won’t record anything

You can turn your Wyze Cams either on or off through the Wyze app. There are a couple of different places where you can do this: from the Home tab and from within the camera’s Live Stream.

To turn the Wyze Cam on/off from the Home tab:

  1. Open the Wyze app
  2. Tap the On or Off button to the right of the camera’s device listing
  • The On/Off button will reflect the current state of the camera
  • The On/Off button will only be available when the camera has a stable IoT connection to our servers. Otherwise, the camera will be listed as “Offline” with a crossed out cloud symbol. This isn’t representative of the camera’s live streaming capabilities and only reflects whether the camera can be affected by automation or instructional commands.

To turn the Wyze Cam on/off from within the Live Stream:

  1. Open the Wyze app
  2. Tap the camera’s listing from the device list
  3. Tap the btn3.png button under the live stream window
  4. Tap Turn on or Turn off

It’s worth noting that turning the camera off from within the Wyze app won’t take it completely offline. Since the camera needs to be able to receive an “On” command whenever you decide to turn it back on, it will maintain an IoT-level connection with our servers. The Live Stream and Event recordings (cloud uploads) will be disabled completely while the camera is turned off this way.

*Note - While turned off through the Wyze app, if your Wyze Cam loses its network connection or loses power, it will reconnect in the “On” state whenever the network/power is restored.