Event Recording On/Off Toggle

I have two Wyze Cams on the outside of my house and one on the inside. I don’t want the camera on the inside of the house to notify me every time I walk through my living room, so I turn it off while I’m at home. I turn it on and schedule it to record throughout the night while I am away from home. I would like to see a toggle on the main dashboard that would make it easier to turn on and off the event recording from there on a specific camera instead of having to go into the settings of the individual camera everyday and switch it when I leave the house. Does anyone have any suggestions that would make this easier?

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Are you talking about recordings or notifications?

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Recordings. With it recording events with the “All Day” activated, it will be recording everytime I walk through the living room. I want it to do this when I leave, but not when I’m there. If there were a Toggle on the main dashboard of the app to turn on/off event recordings for each camera, it would be really easy to turn off when I get home and turn on when I leave. But as it is right now, in order to do that, you have to go into the settings for the individual camera every time you want to turn the recordings on and off. Unless there is something that I’m missing?

Have you looked into Rules?
You can use rules to turn on and off recordings or camera.
It might be what want. If not check out IFTTT

Maybe try this

Ok. Thank you

Just simplify it, don’t over complicate. Have the recordings set up, and leave it. Now have a rule to have the camera on when you are away and off when you are home. The camera retains its settings when turned on or off. When you turn it on it will go to it’s previous settings and go from there, no need to ALSO go and enable recording.

The above is true unless you want a scenerio like you are home, and want the camera in and have recording turned off. Then that will take more work. But from what I understand you want the camera recording when it’s on and not when it’s off.

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Even simpler, if I understand you correctly.
Settings/ Event Recording. Turn ‘All Day’ off and schedule your time slot.

Or, create a shortcut to turn off motion detection. Stops recording until you turn detection back on. (Create a reverse shortcut)

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