More event actions

Please add turning on and off alert timers. I like to set mine for when I am asleep but would love to have an action to turn on alert for full day. Location awareness would be great too so if you leave house, alert timers turn on.

@jvsoda… I’ve moved your #roadmap post over to #ask-the-community because if I’m understanding your request correctly, this capability already exists. You can turn on and off notifications using the Shortcuts feature in the app, either globally or camera by camera. See this:

The following actions are supported:

  • Turn on/off camera
  • Upload a short video to the cloud
  • Turn on/off motion detection
  • Restart the camera
  • Turn on/off notifications (per camera and globally)

If there are actions missing that you’d like to see implemented, please VOTE and post here:

Thanks Rick. I guess what I meant was Event Recording schedule. I schedule event recording [at 12 till 5am]. But when I am out of town, all day of course. Would be nice to setup different recording schedules that can be initiated easily or even by location - leave the house, turns on.

Maybe I am not thinking about this right. Can you leave recording schedule to All Day and turn off Motion and Sound through actions which is effectively the same outcome I am looking for?

Recording to the SD card cannot be scheduled.

Recording of cloud clips can be scheduled two ways:

  1. in the Event recording section of the camera settings (can only schedule same times every day)

  2. using the Shortcut feature I linked above. Shortcuts have much more flexibility and can also schedule notifications on/off even when cloud event recording remains on. You can put buttons for the shortcuts at the top of the Home page in the app for easy access.

I would suggest you read the Shortcuts section of the link I posted above and then explore and play with the settings for it in the app.

As for turning on/off automatically when you leave/return home, that can presently only be done using IFTTT:

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Please add turning on and off event videos for the motion sensor. We should be able to schedule these for when we are away/asleep…
Thanks for a great product…