Event Recording Schedule

I wish for a schedule option with 7 day settings . Right now we have only All day recording or one time option. Others app they have a similar option with 7 day schedule .

It would be Nice to have the Wyze Cam to have a way to set up a Weekly Event Recording.
I live in an apartment and have the camera setup towards the door. Every morning when I leave for the day, I have to setup the person detection. If I was to leave the person detection turn on when I was actually in my apartment I would constantly be getting notifications. Since I live in an apartment the sound detection is easily triggered so I leave it turned off. It would be a great if I didn’t have to remember to turn the event notifications on and off each morning and night when leaving and returning home.

Welcome! Have you seen the scheduled rules? There isn’t a turn on or off person detection toggle, but there is a turn on and off motion detection action. You can leave on PD and then let the rule turn on or off the detection at a set time. Would that accomplish what you want?


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Ohhh possibly. I will try this