Schedule *per day* with ability to turn off recording Sat & Sun while I am home

On my living room cam, I have Event Recording with Detects motion turned on from 8am to 5pm while I am at work, but off while I am home so I don’t record myself walking through the living room in my undies.

In the menu this is set for 7 days a week, and I would like to have the option to pick which days the schedule is set for, just like my thermostat has a 5 day/2 day schedule setting, or my cell phone’s alarm I can press S M T W T F S on each day to toggle them on or off.

Thank you!

Hi @squelchtone,

You can already do this. But don’t use the Schedule section found in Camera Settings > Event Recording.

Instead, you will use the Shortcuts feature. Shortcut schedules can be done by the day of week. Create one shortcut to turn on motion detection at 8am weekdays. Another shortcut to turn it off at 5pm weekdays. That will do it. More on shortcuts here:

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a bit of a cludgy way of doing it, but it works so thank you.

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Welcome to the community,@Boburrito! It looks like you have replied to an older thread and the links have been changed. Take a look at these support pages below for helpful information on the schedules and rules. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

App User Guide

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