Day of the week selection for event recording schedule

Allow for individual day selection for event recording schedule

This can currently be accomplished by use of the Shortcuts feature. You can create a shortcut for each motion on or off time/day combo. Click the Support link top right and search for “shortcuts” for detailed instructions on how to set it up.

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This feature is not user friendly whatsoever, when I try to make short cuts for certain days it just keeps adding days of the weeks I don’t want.

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I had try everything and I can not set the camera to work only Monday to Friday, it always add Sunday or Saturday.

@Guikas & @migueldelgado2,

You need to make a shortcut for each time/day you want the camera(s) to turn ON or OFF. For example, let’s say you want the camera(s) on only on Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm. You would need two shortcuts:

  1. ON, with automation set for M-F at 8am. and
  2. OFF, with automation set for M-F at 5pm.

With these two shortcuts set up, the camera(s) will go on each weekday at 8am and off again each weekday at 5pm. On Fridays when they go off at 5pm, they will not come back on until Monday at 8am.

Here is the automation setup for shortcut #1:

And the automation setup for shortcut #2:

Here’s what you end up with:

In my app don’t work like that, it always show a Sunday or a Saturday when I try to select weekdays, see attached.

Sorry for the late reply here. This looks like a possible bug, but I would first try deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app. It could also be that your account data is corrupted on the server, which only Wyze could fix. You should submit a problem ticket on this by going to the Account tab in the app, then Help & Feedback.