Event recording request - weekdays only

Please inable ability to have event recording say for example Monday through Friday for the work week and not on weekend when people are home off work.

pretty simple thing to do. Other popular cameras software has this built in so you don’t have to use a different app.

Thank you

You can do this, but don’t use the very limited schedule option under Event Recording. Instead, you need to set up timed Shortcuts to turn on/off event recording at your desired times. See the “Shortcuts” section in this article:


Thanks for the info, I’ve spoken with to customer service reps that didn’t know about this and wanted me to use a second app for smart devices.

I’ll give this ago and let you know how it goes.


Did you get a support ticket number? If so, can you provide it here so we can help improve the c/s process?

How do I DM it to you ?

Click my avatar then click the Message button.

Hmmm I can click your profile bust just don’t see the message. Please DM me and I’ll respond.

Yes, this option is must have. In do not need to have motion records at weekends where there is motion all the time since we are all at home.

@ramsak… did you read above. The solution is posted there.