Suggestion for Event Logging Software

I would like to set time for event logging for Monday through Friday and a different time for Saturday and Sunday. Current software doesn’t support this feature. Could this be in a future software update?

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I have mine set up that way. Leave your event schedule as all day. Then create automated hidden shortcuts to turn motion on and off during certain times. If you need additional assistance, I can post a screenshot if you like?


Yes, please. That would be very helpful.

  1. Enter the Wyze application.
  2. On the top of the application there is an edit shortcut button or a + button if you currently do not have a shortcut.
  3. Click create shortcut.
  4. Name the shortcut and click Actions.
  5. Click new action.
  6. Select the camera you want to set.
  7. Select the action. Events use motion. So you would select turn off motion for times you don’t want to record and you would select turn on motion for events you do want to record.
  8. After you complete that step, you will go back to the main create shortcut screen. Select automate.
  9. Click automation and select time of day. In this area you can select times and days.
  10. Turn shortcut button off to hide it and click done.

You would need a total of 4 shortcuts to achieve what you need for 1 camera. Two for the weekdays and two for the weekends. You can also add more to get certain time intervals.

In my case I created additional shortcuts to turn event logging on but the scheduler had to remain on all day.

It will most likely be trial and error but hopefully this helps steer you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need and additional help.

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Thanks. This is great. I will test it out.

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If you need any more help, let me know.