Calendar based alert times

I have seen other requests for IFTTT and geofencing, but I have not seen a simple calendar based schedule request. The system knows dates and times already, so we should have a user interface with a 7 day calendar week, and event recording times that are adjustable by day. For example, If I work 8-5 Mon-Fri, I want my interior cameras recording and triggering events during those hours. However, I dont want them on Sat/Sunday during that time because I get alerts every 5 minutes. This makes me turn off event detection on the weekends, and then I forget to turn it back on again by Monday.

That feature actually already exists; just not in the schedule section under event recording. Instead, you can set this up using the Shortcut feature. See below for instructions (scroll down to the Shortcuts section):

Thanks, this may help one of my issues, but I am still struggling with another. I cant seem to simply enter 2 times during the day. For example, I want a shortcut to change one camera from recording all day to only record from 10pm to 9am. I can add 2 actions like turn on motion tracking, and turn off motion tracking. However, I can’t choose 2 different times (1 for each event). I’m sure there is a way to do this that I am missing.

Yes, you can do that by using multiple shortcuts:

Shortcut #1: Action: turn on motion detection, schedule: daily at 10pm

Shortcut #2: Action: turn off motion detection, schedule: daily at 9am

If you wanted, you could include actions for multiple cameras in the same shortcut. You could also create another pair of shortcuts to handle a different on/off time period during the day.

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