Shortcuts, how to

I can’t get shortcuts to work for me and I know I’m missing something.
I have schedules set up to record and notify me of triggered motion events and they work fine for each of my 4 cameras. They all are activated at a specific time at night and deactivate each morning.
I’ve tried to set up a shortcut so when I leave for a short period during the day I select the I’m away icon and the cameras capture a video that’s triggered by motion and alerts me. When I return home I press the back home icon and all the cameras go into their daytime mode. Pretty simple but I cannot get it to work.
Is having a schedule and a shortcut conflicting with each other or are their steps I’m missing? Is it one or the other or is both a schedule and a shortcut on the same camera possible? Thanks all for your help.

An event recording schedule will override a positive “detects motion” setting (camera will not record motion if outside the schedule’s hours.)

So once your schedule hits morning, it will not record events again until evening, regardless of whether you turn “detects motion” on or off.

Conversely, a negative “detects motion” setting will override the schedule (camera never records motion).

What you need to do is forget setting the Event Recording schedule all together. Instead leave that on “all day”, and set a scheduled shortcut to turn off motion detection in the morning, and a separate one to turn it on at night. Then you can mix the schedule with your manual shortcuts.

The problem with this at the moment is they have eliminated the ability to turn off or on something like motion detection for a group of cameras. So, you would need 4 scheduled shortcuts x 2 (one for off, one for on).

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Thanks for your help.
Seems it would make simple commands a lot simpler if the idea is to set your system up as mine is now for your normal everyday and night on/off, motion detection, notification schedule. Then have a shortcut with one click of an icon to override the schedule and reset the commands to what you want them to do. The second icon would to be a turn off of those commands and a return to your schedule.
For instance you have everything set up just the way you want it. Something comes up and on your way out the door you have one click and you’re on your way. When you return one click and it’s back to the schedule presets.
Is that asking too much?

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