Add option to turn on/off event recording to shortcuts

Add the “all-day event recording” toggle to shortcuts. I’d like to be able to just turn event recording on when I leave, and then have it revert back to my normal nightly schedule when I return. Right now, I use the event recording “all day” switch to do this, but I need to dig into the menus of each of my cameras individually to do it. Adding this to shortcut functionality would be a huge plus.

It’s already available. See this:

Use “manual” as the trigger (which creates a button on the home screen) and motion/sound event on/off as the action.

Thanks for replying. I don’t see an option for motion/sound event on/off under shortcut options. I only see options to turn the camera on/off, upload a video, turn motion detection on/off, restart the camera, and turn notifications on/off. The only thing that’s close is to disable/enable motion detection or notifications, which, if I choose those options for an “away” shortcut, it has no effect because it just affects those notification settings, not whether or not it will actually record an event, If I choose to disable these for a “home” shortcut, it just disables these options on the camera, and they remain disabled for when event detection turns on later that evening as part of my regular schedule. Please let me know what I’m missing? Thanks.

Motion detection on/off is what I meant by “motion event” on/off. I used the terminology of your post, but motion event on/off is the same as motion detection on/off. If motion detection is off, then events are not recorded to the cloud and thus no notifications occur (even if global notification remains on).

I’d like to chime in on this request. I have SD cards inserted into the cameras (2 V2s, 1 Pan). Motion detection on/off shortcuts will enable/disable event upload to the cloud and notifying me via the app, but camera continues to record events onto the SD card.

I echo @aaronconov that I’d like to see an option where I can trigger full recording onto SD card via shortcuts. I’d like to have a full recording when I’m not around, but for privacy reasons turn off all recordings (events or otherwise) when I’m at home.

Replying to Loki’s last post—I’ve played around with the motion detection on/off shortcuts before. My cameras are set up on a schedule to turn on event recording (both motion and sound) on a nightly schedule. Setting a shortcut that turns motion detection on when I leave the house does nothing, as this merely turns the motion detection setting on (which is already set to “on”) in my case), but doesn’t tell the cameras to begin recording events. Setting up a shortcut to stop motion detection when I return home is also problematic, as it merely disables motion detection on the cameras, so later on that night, when event recording starts, they only record sound events, but not motion events. So, adding an option in shortcuts to enable or disable event recording (like the “all day” toggle under the event recording menu) would be a huge help. Thanks.

In the Camera Settings tap Event Recording. There you will find 2 switches: Detects Motion and Detects Sound. Turn on one of those causes events to be recorded for that type of event. Turning on the Detects Motion switch here causes motion events to be recorded.

Now, in Shortcuts, the Action steps Turn On/Off Motion Detection simply toggle the same switch that is found in the Camera Settings > Event Recording. Nothing more.

So having a shortcut that turns on Motion Detection when you leave the house will toggle that same switch, and motion events will be recorded until another shortcut turns them off, or they are turned off by your schedule in the morning.

In other words, there’s only one toggle for motion event recording and that toggle can be controlled either by shortcuts and/or by the schedule.

Make sense?

Yes, that aligns with my understanding of how these shortcuts work. However, the scheduling feature only works for the “event recording” function, not the motion or sound detection switches as you said–those must be switched either manually or via shortcut. So, my event recording schedule has no impact on the motion or sound detection switches–only the “event recording” switch; in other words, when the event recording schedule activates, it will only work using how the motion or sound detection switches are currently set.

“Motion detection” and “event recording” are two different settings, and both must be active for the camera to record a motion event. My cameras always have motion and sound detection turned on since those settings can’t be scheduled. This is fine, since the camera won’t record anything unless event recording is also active, which I can easily schedule.

My request is simply that an action step option for event recording be added to shortcuts (again, this is different from the motion/sound detection switches already available). I’m sorry if I’m being confusing somehow, but I’m not sure how else I can explain this.

Turning off motion detection is not the same as turning off event recording since sound will still trigger an event.