How do I turn off recording while I’m home and only record events while I’m away from home?

How do I stop recording events/clips while I’m home and only record while I’m away?

When you’re home, you can just use the app to turn the camera off. For event’s only on the SD card, under settings you have a choice of continuous or events, your choice.

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If you are on a fixed schedule, you can turn Event Recording on and off via a Wyze app schedule, or by turning the camera on and off on a schedule, as suggested. If you are randomly in and out, your GPS location can help, but at this time only via a 3rd party app, like IFTTT. If there are multiple people involved, other apps like Life360 are best. So, depends on your situation.


I use IFTTT and have it turn off inside cams when I get home and on when I leave. Works well.

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How do you set that up?

I’m assuming you have a IFTTT account. The first thing you could do is set your trigger using location and it will prompt you to choose between enter an area or exit an area. You would pick exit an area first. Then it will prompt you to select the area by entering in your address. Once you’ve done that it will prompt you to select your service. In this case your service would be wyze. Once you’ve chosen wyze it will ask you what device you want control and you would of course choose turn on a camera. You repeat the process choosing enter an area for turning off the camera.