No event recording without Wifi?

HI, is there a way to make camera record events to micro SD when camera has no Wifi? I dont want to watch all day recordings to see if something happened.

Power on the cam when you do have Wi-Fi, using your phone as a hotspot or whatever.

Then view the one camera and go to Settings → Advanced Settings → Local Storage

Turn on Local Recording to micro SD card and then select Record events only

Back out of the settings to where you see the cam view, and double check that the resolution is what you want. ( a number of us are having issues where it defaults to 360p instead of SD or HD )

Now you should be able to turn off the internet and leave, and the camera should record events to the SD card as long as it has continuous power.

Obviously have Event recording and Detection settings set up the way you like before turning off the internet.

Are you sure it wont stop recording after 1.5 hours?

Well, currently I’m experiencing a number of unexplained issues with SD card recording, and have an open ticket with Wyze re it. So, no, I am definitely not 100% certain!

But ~in theory~, once booted with internet connectivity, a Wyze cam with a SD card should record for as long as it has ~steady~ power. And a few posters here have reported using them in this manner in cars or RV’s.

My personal experience has been with continuous recording, not events only, so that may make a difference?

We had a recent late night power outage at a remote building, and the various UPS kept the Wyze cams going for MUCH longer than the internet connection. The next day we had something like 4+ hours of footage saved on the cam SD cards from the outage time frame…

But my memory is not perfect, and your mileage may definitely vary!

For my own education, have you had experiences with a 1.5 hour cutoff? If so I would definitely like to hear about it.


HI. I try did some quick test and I turn WiFi off then waited sone minutes, I moved front camera, and when I read the SD in the pc there was no recording at all. I asked wyze support and got this:
–Thank you for reaching back out! I do apologize but in order for the camera to record an Event or snap an image of the motion detection, the camera needs to be connected to the WiFi.

If the camera is offline, the camera will not be able to detect motion and record the Event to the MicroSD Card—

I need more testing done but maybe sometimes it works for.some ppl.

I have tested this more than a few times with tests as long as 18 hours. As long as power is not interrupted after the loss of wi-fi it will keep recording.

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What are your local storage settings?

If the camera had wifi when when powered up and connected to the Wyze servers correctly and then had the wifi removed, while power remained:

  1. Your local recording should still be working (weither you have it set to continuous or event recording) to sd card. If your camera detects motion, it will only save a one minute file for the minute timeframe that the motion fell into. If the event crosses past the top of the next minute, the full next minute will be saved to SD card. If you have local disabled or don’t have as SD card, it won’t do anything. If local is set to continuous, everything is recorded to card.
  2. You will loose the ability to use the app to live view, take photos and video clips with the manual buttons in the live or playback screens. You will also loose the ability to save anything to the cloud, and event notification clips.

Local recording of event or motion detection, is different than cloud event or motion detection. SD card recording and cloud recording are operated Independant of each other.

To possibly explain this is the full minute needed to happen when you moved the camera for the clip to be saved. If your movement happened from 08:52:10 to 08:52:20, then you need to wait because the camera saves that full minute buffered clip at 08:52:59. If you power down or remove the card before that time and the clip had a chance to save, the full 08:52 clip will be lost.

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