Continuous recording stops once wifi connection is off

I bought a wyze cam v2. Everything seems fine. But once I turn off the wifi connection. The cam stops recording locally to the sd card. Does anyone experience the same issue as me?

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See this:

I read this already. But it doesn’t work for me. I inserted the sd card, connected the wifi, it started recording. But once the wifi dropped, the recording stopped as well. Do you know any possible reason and solutions to this? Thanks.

I posted similar issue under “Can Wyze Cam Record to SD Card Without Internet Connection?” :

I have two V2 cams (about a month old and software updated), both with new/formatted 32G SD cards, set to continuous recording. I only use my phone for an Internet connection, so the cams drop internet when I leave the house. As long as I am home, no problem recording. When I leave, the cams may record locally for 5 minutes up to a couple of hours, but will then stop until I reconnect with phone/Internet. Each cam is on its own schedule as to how long it records, so it is not consistent for the individual cam, nor between them. The cams are on separate outlets, so power is not an issue.

Any ideas on why the failure to record occurs and how to rectify?


No replies yet from that post. I did test for event only recording last night and that seemed to work, but of course only a few clips thru the night (outside facing camera thru window with night mode off). I’ve been using HD setting, so I’m going to try 360P on continuous recording and see if the HD setting is causing the failure.

Yes, I am experiencing the same issues described here. I am doing further testing. The red record button pressed before shutting down the WiFi is the only success so far for our situation here. Both at home and in the auto. I will post more on this topic as testing continues and time permits. I have to say, all in all, we are very satisfied with the Wyze Cam performance when the WiFi is operational. But we would like to drive and record reliably to the cam without a router installed in the auto.

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I had the same problem after updating the V2 Cams. it only records with wifi available but stops without any connection. any help?

All four of my cameras are on the same wifi router and it power cycles every night. I just looked at a couple of days worth of playback on three of the cameras and only once on one of the cameras did it stop recording when the wifi cycled. It started back 10 minutes later, which should be about five to twenty minutes before the wifi should have had power restored. I think the timer the router is on is limited to 30 on/off options. I know, random doesn’t help.

I have a v2 with latest firmware and it also doesn’t work without Wifi. If it is powered on and connected to wifi it will sometimes continue to record up to a couple hours after I lose wifi connectivity. Other times it will just record the last minute or so before it no longer records. But if it is powered on when there is no wifi around it will not record. I verified that the SD card doesn’t have any additional files created during that time either. This surprised me as the FAQ and many old threads state that it should work still. This strikes me as a v2 issue or a firmware update issue. Either way it’s annoying.

I did test with HD and lower resolution, both have the same issue with recording stopping after Internet drops. I scheduled a time lapse recording 7 PM to 4 AM New Years Eve on both cameras (one set for continuous, one set for event). Time lapse worked on both cameras without an Internet connection. As expected when I viewed playback on the camera set for event recording, there was no recording notated during the 7-hours. Oddly, on the camera set for continuous recording, the recording was there, EXCEPT for 8:51 PM to 12:16 AM. Anybody from Wyze reading this thread?

I have a similar problem. I set a camera up in my office at work to capture anyone who might be stealing or snooping. So far, the camera (v2) only seems to record during the times that I am there (regular work hours). For instance, if I go out for lunch, it stops recording (1 hour gap). And it doesn’t record after work hours at all. Has anyone seen this? I don’t have this problem with any of my cameras at home, that I’ve noticed. I’m thinking about trying to factory reset the camera and try it without the most recent updates. Any ideas? (Again, this isn’t my first camera. I have 5 at home, setup the same way, with the same sd cards.) It’s a pretty weird problem, and kinda defeats the purpose for me. Thanks.

Did you set it up on your phone’s wifi?
Are the other employees unplugging it? Is the power plug on an outlet controlled by a light switch?

Set up a mirror in view of the camera, reflecting back to the camera so the camera sees itself and the power supply.

Thanks OverWatch, for the thoughts:

  • It is on the company wifi.
  • No one is unplugging it. I don’t believe anyone even knows it is there yet and I’m usually the last person to leave at night (no one left to uplug it).
  • The outlet is not powered through the light wall switch.
  • Good idea about the mirror, but the camera is setup in such a way that no one can uplug it without coming into view or moving the camera (which I would see on the video).

However, I will mention that I just checked and it is the only camera that I updated the firmware on. Coincidence?


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I guess you have double checked the local storage settings after updating the firmware? It seems to be acting like event only recording is selected. Maybe try selecting events only, wait some time like an hour and then switch back to continuous recording. Worth a shot. See if performs differently in events only during that time.

Have you viewed the camera during times it isn’t recording?

Try to remotely view the office cameras over the internet from another location. Such as the coffee cafe, or lunch while you are away from the office using the Wyze App on your iPhone or Android phone. This will tell you if the device is functional while you are away from the office. Ours showed no green areas on the video recording, so we thought it was not recording, nope the green areas on the playback are only where events occurred the continuous video was still recording.

The only place we had missing video was in the auto driving. At least that is our experience so far anyway.

Please keep us posted and let us know if you solve this




Updated one v2 camera with firmware v4.9.4.28 and left other v2 camera with firmware v4.9.3.64. The update may have addressed the issue with local recording to SD failing when WiFi is lost/off. I shutdown WiFi for 50 minutes; the updated camera functioned thru the outage, the non-updated camera stopped recording during the downtime. This was the one issue that concerned me. I’ll wait for Wyze to confirm before I update other camera. As a side-note, I had to power down/up the camera to take the update, as I initially got a message that update failed.

Did a longer test and updated camera failed to record after about an hour, so no fix yet.

I setup a 3 day tile lapse schedule on Wyzecam V2 with latest firmware. I let it run 1st day at home. I carried camera to work and let it run all day. Finally, I returned the camera to its place at home to finish out the 3rd day of time lapse. NO images were taken at the office at work. I can only guess that the cam can not determine what time it is (no internal clock). So, my next test will be to use a duplicate wifi router at the office with the same SSID but I will not connect it to Internet (no WAN connection). And see if that will allow the cam to continue the time lapse.

The camera will not boot if it doesn’t have an Internet connection, so no recording to the SD card will take place. Until Wyze creates an offline mode you must boot it while Internet is available, then keep it powered between locations (battery bank). Once you power it down it will need Internet to power it back up.

So, the internal system will maintain correct tume for time lapse to continue operatibg correctly? Just keep the power ON??

It will continue using the time it got from the Internet at boot up.