WyzeCam v2 stops recording to SD card when offline

I have an SD card inserted in my WyzeCam v2. Why does the camera stop recording to the SD card when it’s offline? Shouldn’t recording to local storage always be available?


Some have had success in having the camera hooked to wifi, then moving out of wifi range, without powering down the camera, and it will continue to record. These are wifi cameras, and depend on making contact with the servers for monitoring, getting settings etc before working. If you want off line recording without to much hassle, an action camera like GoPro or similar might be the route you want to look for (unfortunately it’ll come at a cost).

Im using multiple Wyze V2 cameras. The intended purpose is as follows:
I run / own a paranormal team. I was looking for a device that I could pop a 32gb sd card into, and record in places where I dont have access to power or wifi (I DO have multiple speakers and flashlights that double as very high capacity power banks)
Set it up on the phone, turned the camera off completely. Unplugged my wireless modem entirely, plugged the camera in, and went out for the night (to replicate the conditions id normally operate under) So coming back home and checking - not a thing has recorded, at all.
I did a bit of research and saw older posts saying i could connect to a hotspot, disconnect, and itll keep recording? Does this still apply? I can use my ipad to do a temp hotspot tether on bootup IF it will work. Reading the prior info here is confusing as far as it apparently working how I need it to in the past ( I think) and something about a 90 minute cutoff (is that still an issue, or will it now record indefinitely if it has power after the hotspot dropping?)
Would I be able to flash an older firmware and have the functionality Im looking for? If so does anyone know which that would be, and do you have the file?

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A trail camera would probably work best for that.

i have one and it doesnt kick in quick enough or do good enough quality video

GoPro wont work in this application. IR is an absolute MUST HAVE. Absolutely needs to be portable, and see in complete darkness.

My understanding, and from limited testing so far on my own, is that the cam must have internet/Wifi to initialize. Once it has connected it can be disconnected from wifi only, not power and will continue to record. Once it loses power it needs internet to re-initialize.
I don’t know about a 90 minute time limit.
Especially for V2’s power bricks work well for operating the cams and come in many capacities. Here is s setup I used for testing an external antenna- the brick powered two cams for several hours with almost no loss of capacity. I have used them for a single cam for up to about 36 hours.

It is normal recording to sd card turn off himself
When my screen turn off after two minutes
But wifi is always on.

I suggest viewing this, if you’re looking for a “local storage” camera solution

Resolved, actually.
Downgraded to the lowest available firmware.

Used wifi to set the cameras up initially, nothing more. Powered cameras down. Used them remotely in the field with absolutely no wireless available, hooked to battery packs - they initialize without any Wi-Fi on startup, and record to SD card without issue all night long. :beers:
EDIT: and double confirmed. All devices that put a wifi signal out 100% disabled before powering the cameras on. The run and record (albeit as a series of one minute clips) flawlessly. Exactly what I needed them for on the investigation last night! Top anyone else needing to get this functionality working in this manner - this is the way to use them anywhere with ZERO need for any wireless apart from seeing them up the first, and only, time.

The Moultree trail cams are good for this

Wyze did have a bug before where it would require a connection, and I guess that bug is back.

@WyzeTao was the one that fixed this last time IIRC.

Yeah. I couldn’t find a decent workaround… So I just downgraded to the .52 firmware on two of my cams, and they record continuously straight to SD without requiring ANY internet at startup now, and neither shutoff at any point during the night until I removed the power bank from them.
This is exactly what I needed them for. Very pleased with the results

Whoops, it was actually @ArthurH that was keeping a eye on this last time.
I found his old post about it on reddit.

Not quite sure when the change happened, but, Wyze now says that “Note - Currently, the Wyze Cams are unable to record to a MicroSD card for extended periods of time without an internet connection. This is planned to change in a future update.”

They don’t define what “extended period” is either, are we talking about 1 day, 1 week, or more or what?

Hi there. It was a bug, not planned change or anything.

If you ran into the bug, please send an email to hzuo@wyze.com. We are actively tracking and working on it. Your feedback would help us to better understand and improve this feature. Thank you.