Record without WiFi

Once you configure camera. Is there a way 2 continually record on SD card without being hooked to WiFi?

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Yes, just set it all up before losing the signal. I connected my Wyze to a portable phone charger, made any needed settings changes, and then took camera and battery in my car and used it as a temp dash cam. Worked very nicely, though I wish I’d done 2x and not 3x on the timelapse.

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So it’s still record to the SD card? So then once you have WiFi again you’re able to get all the old data from the SD card through app? Not just have to take the SD card out to read it.

So even why the camera light is blinking blue showing no WiFi connection it is recording to SD card?

Just need to have connection first and not lose power. Thanks for the reply

When you get back on the network, yes you can view Playback from your SD card via the app.
If you have the SD card in there properly, and have continuous recording on before you leave your network, yup it’s recording :wink:
Blinking blue means there’s a problem connecting to your network (I believe).

It appears the trick is to keep continuous power supplied to the camera while you move from wifi to non-wifi.
I am assuming if I unplug my cam and take it to a non wifi environment, it will NOT record to the SD card.

This is not true for me… If I disconnect from wifi and reconnect the the wyze continue to recorded but it is not available on the app. Only if I pull the card and view on computer

This is as of August 2019, The answer is NO you can no longer record while off of wifi. It took me all day of reading reviews and testing to figure this out. Information on the net is old.

That is a major flaw… Cause if u Wana use it as a dash cam with out a hotspot and wait till you get home to download ur footage u can. It should local record regardless of network connectivity. That was the purpose of local record in the settings. Independent recording untill playback is requested from network and on the app.

Completely agree. I needed it out in the property that doesn’t get wifi. After reading reviews I thought I could still record without wifi. This isnt true… ive bought two cameras to make sure. It times out after a couple minutes.

If someone can help pls do. But these are my findings.

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We could wish this out on the #wishlist and there we could all vote and post why this feature/function is necessary. The more user will vote the more chances Wyze developers could consider implementing our wish.

This would be great for a car cam and for remote locations where you are not concerned about using the camera for security (no real time notifications).

You have my vote - what is the title of this request.

Sorry I haven’t search if this is already on the #wishlist, I was suggesting the OP or someone else who really want this could search/make the topic there.

Although I’ve though of one solution to make this possible, you can setup the camera to connect on a 4G/3G pocket wifi to go along in the car. In this way also, you can still monitor it on your mobile when you left it on parking lots.

I use mind as dash cams. They are great for that application… low profile cameras.

From other posts it sounds like there is a problem accessing the recorded data . When you pull back in to your driveway and in range of your Wifi can you then view the data from the apt ?

No. It show a gap In the recoding this was just on the 7th. U can see a gap burn the little green is while on wifi… .

Can you connect the canera to a power bank?
do not need more energy? :thinking:

Yes, but it will still need to connect to WiFi and will only last until the power bank got empty.