Can Wyze Cam Record to SD Card Without Internet Connection?

Can I take the Wyzecam to a location where I don’t have wifi connection and use it to record locally to the SD card?

Light is flashing blue. Is it still recording at all?


Yes you can, as long as you previously set it up in a wifi environment.

I do it every day. One of my cameras is being used as a dash cam in my truck. It records continuously to the uSD card and normally connects to my WiFi when I get home.



You set it up in wifi to continuous record, disconnect it to take to the new location, then plug it in and it will still continue to record? I asked this question in a different way elsewhere. I’m having trouble buying this. I guess i should check my sd card for those missing recordings…


Yes, that’s how it works. But if you don’t believe it, why don’t you do a simple test. Set up continuous record. Then unplug your wifi router. Let the camera continue to be powered while you dance around in front of the camera. Turn your router back on and watch the dance.

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Don’t know why you don’t buy it - that’s the way it works. My dashcam continues to record when I drive away from home - and my WiFi. Although not routinely, there are times where power is interrupted to the camera while away from home, and it resumes recording after it boots up when power is restored.


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OK! OK!, I believe it! I checked my sd card and though there were 1000’s of files there, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I’m beginning to believe that it was my, poor, uneducated, bumbling, non-trusting, unforgivable, fault. Now, give me a minute to recover from that cruel (but fair) humbling, but brutal, self-effacement. When the camera (filming the H-birds), lost its wifi connection, I couldn’t tell if it were still recording so I may have interrupted the process to restart it. Next time I’ll believe in the tech, and your answers. Community Head Nod GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Thanks! It seems to be working. We have the kiddo nannyshare in another house and the nanny wanted to show us how he plays. It didn’t work when she plugged it into a smart socket, but worked fine with a regular outlet.

Wanting to use a pan cam in a remote location (without WiFi). Everything I’ve read on here states that to get it to record without WiFi it must be set to “continuous record”. I may not be back to my cabin for months and would like it to only record when motion is sensed… Will it work this way??

tmotorsport_1 - I have this same question! I don’t care about recording constantly, just when motion is sensed. I’m trying to catch whoever is stealing crap out of my office desk.

Not true. It will record without wifi in Event Only mode. You can do the experiment yourself. Set it up in Event Only mode then turn off your wifi router. Wait a minute then dance around in front of the camera. Wait another minute, then reconnect and watch the dance.

From the live view, tap the gear icon, then Advanced Settings > Local Storage. Turn on local recording and set the mode Record Events Only. View the results by tapping View Playback from the live stream.

I’m not so sure about that. I have 5 wyze cameras and one I have installed in my parking lot which does not have access to wifi. I configure the camera in my house with my usual wifi connection by settings “local recording to micro sd card > continuos recording” i also have off “event recording > detects motion and sound”. When the camera is disconnected and installed in the parking lot, the camera turns on the yellow and blue light and does not record anything. when removing the sd and placing it in a computer there is no clips although when placing the sd the camera emits a sound. What can I do? I need a continuos recording without internet connection o wifi.


As a fellow ham hello. Did you find the video was incomplete? Ours was on a short drive. We used the iPhone app to set the red record light but, portions of the video were missing along our test drive. Guess we’ll have to do more testing, that and, if you use the USB in your auto when you turn it off and restart the auto you may lose recording. Any tips are appreciated.

Thanx and 73’


I have two V2 cams (about a month old and software updated), both with new/formatted 32G SD cards, set to continuous recording. I only use my phone for an Internet connection, so the cams drop internet when I leave the house. As long as I am home, no problem recording. When I leave, the cams may record locally for 5 minutes up to a couple of hours, but will then stop until I reconnect with phone/Internet. Each cam is on its own schedule as to how long it records, so it is not consistent for the individual cam, nor between them. The cams are on separate outlets, so power is not an issue.

Any ideas on why the failure to record occurs and how to rectify?

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I want to record while driving. Which is intermittent. I found the video only in a few places during the travel. One was in the grocery store parking lot while parked, where they have free open WiFi. I was able to record from the phone app directly but lost connection to the wyze device after only 30 meters or so (150 -200 ft.). Bluetooth would be helpful to directly access the Wyze Cam while driving in my auto. I really want to turn off my WiFi at night and allow the camera to continue recording, either while I sleep, or while I drive.

Any new features, planned new features, or assistance are appreciated.
Thanks and 73’


Internet is not required for recording. Put a microSD card in the camera, and configure it to record locally to the SD card. Since you’ll generally be moving while driving, you can configure it to record only when motion events are detected. Power the camera from a switched power feed in your vehicle (one which shuts off when you turn off the ignition). The camera will stop recording to the SD card when you turn off the engine, and start recording again when you next start the car.


Seems like one could use a smart plug and schedule it to

  1. Power on and off at intervals
  2. Set for event only with sd card
  3. Use it to record remotely like second home without internet
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My cam works fine connected to wifi but, I can’t get non-wifi recording to work. I have Wyze Cam v2, firmware, formatted 64GB SD card. I followed all the instructions… Local Storage SD card, continuous recording, Event recordings off.
When I plug-in the camera with no wi-fi, the led light flash alternate yellow and blue. The camera does not record to the SD card. I need this to work. Any suggestions?

That is the same cam, firmware, and recording experience we had here in our auto as well. We were only able to record by starting in the driveway pressing the red record button before departure. The recording still was incomplete, there were missing segments on only a short drive of a few kilometers (1 mile). The only way we got it to record again, was to use a USB port on a battery jump box to attach the camera. Once the auto was turned off the camera did not begin to record again on the apple car play USB port, and the Wyze app unfortunately cannot be accessed through Apple car play.

Thanx and 73’