Offline Recording

Does the Wyze Cam V3 record to the SD card even if WiFi is off? I have indoor cameras set to connect to my guest network which I turn off when home. I turned on my guest network to install a new camera and checked an existing one. Big blank area in playback for the video. Is it supposed to record to SD card even if WiFi is off for extended periods?

As long as it has WiFi when the cam powered on and started recording it should continue to recording when the WiFi goes down.

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Thanks for the reply. After more testing, it does record sometimes when offline and sometimes not. I am checking it daily. May just be a bad camera or other issue. So far the original wyze cams are recording when offline ok. I appreciate the response. Was deciding to buy more if they at least should record offline.

My camera failed to keep recording when my wifi dropped. Camera online recording (to a 32 GB SD card) continued up to the point when I was doing network work (changing to mesh router from prior router, same SSID and pword). When new network went online, the V3 camera did not reconnect and stopped online recording. This was about 3 days ago. I read the information saying the camera continued recording so I did not prioritize getting on the roof to reset the camera.

Last night my car was hit and I have no recording of the event as the camera stopped continuous recording. I displeased to say the least with Wyze as I rely on the cameras work predictably…like quit using them and move to something more robust.