"No video at the selected time" when continuous recording on V2 - WiFi connection needed

Months ago, Wyze finally fixed a basic functionality issue, and cameras that lost WiFi connectivity would record to a local SD card, as one would expect in “continuous recording”.

But in the most recent release (, we seem to be back to an inability to record to the local sd card unless WiFi is connected. I know this because I have one Wyze cam that gets weak, sometimes intermittent WiFi, and I need it to make a local SD card copy even if it can’t see the network.

This should be a “no brainier”, “round tires” issue of basic functionality that a customer should not have to even think about. Yes, I’ve changed SD cards, Yes, I’ve reset the cam, Yes, I’ve bee able to repeat the problem and make it come and go by simply moving the camera back into the known-good range of WiFi.

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Sad :frowning:
Regression testing does not appear to get much attention at Wyze.

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I was just testing this very issue the other day and I could not get it to fail, I killed my wifi for 8 hours the other day and my cams continued to record motion to the SD card the whole time.