Took camera on vacation and had SD card on continuous record but no playback is showing

Hello. I went to a Bed and Breakfast that was apparently haunted. I took one of my Wyze cams and had it set to continuous record with a Sandisk 32gb microsd card inserted. I plugged in the wyze cam each night so it would record. I got home and went to review the info but there is no playback for those dates/times so I tried plugging it into my PC and the “logs” just show up as data. I have no idea how to retrieve these videos. Can someone help? Thanks!

There is a current bug where SD card recording doesn’t happen if there’s not wifi connection. Did you have the camera connected to wifi, or just powered but no connection?

Is this a new bug (no recordings at all if there’s no WiFi)?? Based on the reports from others (and my own experiments), the OP’s camera should have recorded for about 1.5 hours after connecting power before stopping. However…

… there’s another bug that I’ve encountered when recording with no WiFi. On occasion, the Playback timeline shows that there’s nothing recorded (it’s white space’) when in fact there is video recorded on the SDcard. I’ve often found that I can position the cursor on the timeline at a time when I know the cam was recording (and the timeline shows white space), yet the recorded video appears and plays just fine. However, I’ve never had an occurrence where the timeline was completely blank during a local recording interval.

I think it’s all part of the same bug. I don’t know why it works for 1.5 hours for some and not at all for others. But the devs are aware of both situations.

I didn’t know about the total lack of recording situation. I’ll be on the lookout for that use case.

It does sound like the same bug. Hopefully, one fix to deal with them both, and also the broken/misleading timeline display.

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I have recently discovered that one as well. Not sure when it showed up, but it used to work fine. I have noticed recently that the V2 used as a dashcam in my pickup truck will not start recording if I kill and restore power until it gets the WiFi. Also, it stops recording after a while when parked away from WiFi.

Thanks for the responses. It was just powered no Wi-Fi though. Kind of disappointed to hear there’s a bug. I would’ve purchased another camera specifically for this trip. I really wanted to see to the footage.

That might be the difference between the no-recording and the 1.5-hour-recording cases. If you take away wifi while recording, then it quits in 1.5 hours. If you never had wifi when you powered up, then it never starts recording. That would make some sense.