Can you use a Wyze cam without internet?

Can I use the SD recording as a stand alone motion recorder without being connected to the internet or having the cam show up in my Wyze app?

Yes, but there might still be a bug that stops recording after and hour and a half.

@steve23244 Here is a post on this topic that may help answer your question.

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My internet went down for two days in the beginning of December while we tried to figure out if it was out internet provider or router/modem. During that time, my cameras couldn’t connect to the internet, but all remained plugged in and on. After our internet service resumed, I was able to connect to my cameras in my Wyze app and saw that they had been recording to my micro sd card the entire time the internet was out. HTH.

Thank you for some verification other than what I have found. Mine will record until it loses power, there are some that say it stops after 90 minutes or so. If it is stopping there is some other issue as it should continue recording to SD as long as the power is not cut.