Toggle local recording on/off

I’d like to toggle local recording off during a period of.time during the day, so it only records from 12pm to 5pm as an example.

I can’t seem to be able to do this from the camera options nor app logic. I dont need it to record most of the day, it just fills up the card with nothing and I have to remove video for backup more often.

Being able to have it record during a set period would be very helpful. can someone tell me how this is possible?


Hello @teredactle, within the Wyze app if you go to event recording > then “scheduled” you can set up a certain time period in which you want the recording to occur.

I think @teredactle is referring to SD card recording.

@teredactle: Unfortunately, it’s not possible currently to schedule when SD card recording occurs. But there’s a #roadmap topic that would accomplish that (link below). Please hop over and vote for that. Be sure the click the VOTE button at the top:

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@mixonepa what I was referring to was the SD card record feature / in the cam menu I believe it’s called “local recording”, @Loki was right. Thanks for the link, I went and voted on that topic!


Would turning the camera off then back on during certain times using the app via schedules, accomplish this???

Yes, turning the camera off via a shortcut would also stop local SD card recording.

Thanks, can you explain how this function works? I mean the camera is still on standby in some way so you can turn it back on “remotely” form the app, no? It’s still connected to wifi I assume.

So, “off” is not really off. If you want the camera totally disabled, then you must unplug it from wall power. The off function disables all recording and live streaming and any shortcuts that might trigger. However, it leaves the control comm channel (a different channel than for streaming) active, so that it has the ability to receive the “on” signal when you want to turn it back on.

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Looks like again, this isn’t possible to automate. I want the camera automatically off at 9am and back on at 9pm. Not possible.

Why do you say it’s not possible? Make one shortcut to turn it off every day at 9am and another to turn it on every day at 9pm.

I said it’s not possible to automate. Having to press buttons makes it manual. Automation is important, it speaks to reliability and consistency which is what I need.

Again, you set the automation for the shortcut to a scheduled time and day(s) of the week. Is that not what you’re looking for?

Oh damn, that’s my bad, I thought that for a Time of Day automation you needed an event, but I see that you don’t. I will try it and report back, thanks!!

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It’s working as expected, thanks for the tip. Obviously I’d rather just trigger local recording on/off and be able to use the cam, but this will do until then (if that feature ever gets added).

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