Wyze Cam V2 records motion EVEN WHEN IT'S TURNED OFF

Hi All,

This is the first time that I’ve noticed this behaviour but one, at least, of my Wyze Cam V2 cameras is recording motion even though it’s turned off. I’ve checked it several times over 30 minutes and it happily records me moving out of my office into the lounge room.

On the main page showing all the cameras the small round informational button specified that the camera is OFF. When the square lounge room picture is pressed the screen with the lounge room camera details is displayed with no picture and a prominent “the device is turned off” message.

But it’s recording me and sending the 12 second clips up to the cloud! Just recorded me again when I left the study and went into the lounge room. A notification was sent and I’m staring at the Wyze screen stating the device is turned off.

But it isn’t! It’s happily recording me.

So I turned it on and checked the Playback and the motion (when the camera was supposedly off) also registered on the memory card.

I turned it off again, waited 5 minutes, and went back into the lounge room. This time there was no recording.

I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced this with their cameras? If so this is another security issue and I, for one, don’t want to be surreptitiously filmed in my lounge or bedroom while believing the device is turned off!

I have the latest software installed on the camera and also on my Samsung S9 so I have no idea if the culprit is the camera or the Wyze phone app.


Paul R.

Thank you for sharing this information and I am sorry about the issue. I believe it is a device bug that caused this malfunction.

Could you send me the device MAC address to hzuo@wyze.com? With that, we would be able to get device log and troubleshoot.

Thank you.

It has happened to me as well. It is just the one I have in my garage. I used to have it detecting motion and then took it off since now I have sensors for the doors. Once in a blue moon it will record.

Hey Jmrdrgz,

Like WyzeArthur said, it may be a bug so he needs to investigate further. If @ulyssesroder and you both have Wyze Sense connected to your cameras, this may be an issue with users that have Wyze Sense, so just stay tuned. Wyze will get it fixed in no time.


Hi WyzeArthur,

The MAC address of the cam in question is 2CAA8E0D1B1C. I hope this helps.


Paul R.

This actually just started today for me. Recorded both motion and sound. I have no sensors installed. Just the Wyze Cam V2 camera. And who knows if the camera has been recording without us knowing. Thinking it’s off.

I guess since the original post from May 31, this “bug” has not been resolved.

A huge inconvenience, when you can’t trust the camera to not do what it’s supposed to not be doing. Now I have to keep unplugging and plugging the camera whenever I leave my place and come back. IF I remember to plug it in.

Is there anymore update to this issue?


So in the last couple of days, my cam has been on the fritz. ie. doing stuff it wasn’t doing before.

  1. Turns on and off on it’s own. On the app whenever I switch from main window to camera view, and back, it gives me the indication that it’s on or off. eg. From camera view to main window, ON in camera view, but says OFF in main window. When I switch back to camera, I get the Power icon to turn on. Without hitting it, I’ll go back to main window, and it says ON. I did this several times and it just kept doing that. So I have no idea if the camera is actually ON or OFF.

  2. Records event even when camera is turned OFF. So for everyone else, if you don’t want to chance your camera recording you in your skivvies, thinking that it’s off. Don’t trust your camera. Unplug from power supply. Plug it in only when you WANT it actually turned on.

  3. Sound alert sensitivity is waaaaaaaaaaay too sensitive. I’ve dropped it down to 1, and still picking up every sound. Have been receiving notifications almost every hour since 8 this morning. Some of the sound alerts are from some sort of feedback. Doesn’t like anything that’s part of the surroundings.

Could this be from the lastest update? No issues prior to me updating to latest firmware. Or perhaps, it’s because of the new Person detect feature? Which was part of the latest firmware.

Anyone else experiencing these issues? Any solutions you’ve heard of? A post I read from May is about my #2 question. There has been no reply back since from Wyze Cam. Is Wyze Cam looking into these issues?

P.S. Had to pic a “topic”. Didn’t have any other options other than mobile devices.

My cams are also recording motion when it’s toggled off.

Is there a fix for this?

All 3 of my cams are doing the same thing. I have 2 cams and 1 cam pan, All are set to off when I am home, but still continue to record.

I only started using the on/off toggle recently (on a v2 cam where it’s impractical to pull the plug.)

One time tapped the toggle and the app responded that the camera was off and I later found it continued to record.

If it works “usually” it’s of dubious value of course.

I have 5 cams and all have occasionally turned on when they are showing they should be off. I have had them since the beginning of May (about 4 months).
They will not do it continually when in the off mode. I could have it off for 3 days for instance and may have walked by it 50 times during the 3 days and it may only record me 2 to 3 times over the 3 day period.

Hello - I am a new Wyze user.
I have a Pan that just did this - its is “Off” and then I was notified of motion.
Has this been fixed yet?

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Same problem, not resolved. Turning the cameras on and off seems to resolve it temporarily.

This is ABSOLUTELY insane. My Wyze Cam v2’s are off in the app and one is recording sound and the other is recording sound AND motion events. I can even see the infrared lights on it while the app clearly says it’s off.

This is unbelievable. This is NOT a two year old bug - THIS IS SPYING. This kind of stuff doesn’t go on for two years. It’s a camera, it’s either on or off. The microphone is either recording or it’s not. TOTAL BS GARBAGE.

Can not believe we’ve been duped. We all need to report this to the news, they are going to have a field day with this.

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Here it is September of 2021 and its still doing this. I have a Wyze cam on my desktop and I have seen it recording at night even when it is off. I see the red night vision lights come up so I know its doing it. This MUST be spyware. We know these cams are hosted in China…

I’m now having this same issue in May 2022 with one of my Wyze Cam 2.0. The app shows the camera as off, but every time I walk into the room, I get a motion alert and it records. This is beyond creepy.

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I’m having this problem right now on June 4, 2022. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to another company’s camera?

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I have this same issue since I discovered it Mid 2022 with one of my Wyze Cam 2.0. The app shows the camera as off, but every time I walk into the room, I get a motion alert and it records. This is beyond creepy.
We need a fix asap