Help! Wyze Cam v3 keeps turning ON

Hi all,

I have a wyze cam v3 at home, mostly to check on my cat. :slight_smile: When I come home, I turn it off. But for some reasons the camera keeps turning ON and then of course keeps sending me notifications that it sees movement in the house. I don’t understand why this is happening. I suppose some of my settings got messed up. If anyone has an idea what I’m doing wrong, please let me know.


Do you have a time schedule set for it? There are multiple places that you may have setup a schedule for event recording/detection or notifications. When you say you turn the camera off, exactly how?


No, I have no time schedule set. I just turn it on and off manually when I leave / enter the house. I have motion detection on with a defined detection zone. Also Event Recording, but I assume that shouldn’t turn the camera on, but only work when the camera is actually on. There are no rules set either.

Any chance this camera is shared with someone else? Power outlet going on/off? Cat messing with you?

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The camera is shared with my wife, but she hasn’t accepted it yet. So it’s not her. The power outlet is stable. The cat is definitely messing with me, but I doubt he has enough technical skills to go all KGB on me. :smiley:

Basically, when I turn it off, it immediately turns on again. I’ve also tried to turn it off using the button in the “More” menu when watching the live feed. When doing that, I get an error message saying “operation failed”.

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Welcome to the forums! What app version are using and what firmware version is on the camera?

Thanks. I am using iOS version 2.19.24 and firmware 4.36.14.

I have the same issue so I would love to see a resolution. I actually tried totally deleting my cam V3 and doorbell and did a complete new setup. As soon as everything was up and running it started all over again. I can’t get the cam to stay off. It keeps turning itself on.


Welcome to the forums! How do you turn the camera “off”? Do you have ANY rules? What do they do? How often does it turn “on”?

I don’t have any rules set. I turn it off in the app the same way as I have done since we got it over 6 months ag and a few seconds later it turns back on. I think it may be related to the AWS issues as I read a WYZE post stating there are multiple issues. We just unplugged it for now and I’ll try resetting it again once the AWS issues are resolved…hopefully soon.

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Continuing the discussion from Help! Wyze Cam v3 keeps turning ON:

I just ran into this issue myself today 12/15/21. I got home and both my cameras (Cam Pan & Cam) are automatically always on. I turn them off and they come back on after about 20 seconds.

Both are upto date firmware: (cam) (cam pan)

Nothing I have tried works. I have tried the following:

  • Unplugged each one for 40 seconds
  • Removed the SD card and tried it
  • Removed the cameras themselves from the Wyze App and re-added them
  • Uninstalled the app and re-added everything with no rules

And still they are both turning on over and over again. I also noticed today my Cam one was constantly offline as well. Removing the app and re-adding it at least fixed that issue, but not the others.

Not sure what the AWS issue is, but I just saw that now and maybe it’s related as many others seem to be having all these same issues as I am…

Guess I should have seen this before posting:

II just noticed today that my cams are turning themself on after i turn everything off

So… how would we be notified this has been resolved?

I have the same issue, but with 1 out of 4 cameras. My problem started after the AWS was resolved

Mine are working now. Might I suggest you unplug the cameras for 5 minutes before retrying?

I resolved it

I’m curious…. Was it shutting it off that fixed it?

What resolved it?

After the AWS issue was resolved, I totally deleted the V3 cam and the doorbell cam and went through the entire setup procedure. It is working fine now. I believe it was the network issue.