Give us the ability to TURN OFF any camera from the Wyze app

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Not sure what it is you want, since you can turn off individual or groups of cameras within the app.

I’m new to Wyze cameras and the Wyze App.
I would like to turn OFF individual cameras cameras so I don’t have to go to the camera and unplug it when there is an issue.
Please explain how to do that using the Wyze app.
Thank for helping a newcomer like me.

The turn Off camera in the App as you know does not really turn Off the camera, it should really be called Stand-By and Not On/Off.

The Only way to remotely reset (power cycle) would be to add a smart plug for the power supply to be turned On/Off.

But Please don’t buy a Wyze Plug you would just get further aggravated, the Wyze plugs have issues.

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Thank you for your reply.
That is exactly what I needed to know.
So I re-issue my request to WYZE to be able to SHUT POWER OFF from individual Wyze cameras using the Wyze app.
BTW, of what use is there to putting a Wyze camera into Stand-By.
What does this do?
BTW, what does RESTART selection do for the cameras?
Thanks for your help.

Wyze will not be able to anything more than the Stand-By (they call On/Off) if the camera were to really turn off how would it receive the signal over WiFi while it is OFF to then turn back On?

The On/Off is basically the video and detection is Off (what I call Stand-by)

The reset option will reset the camera as long as it is not totally locked up which needs a power cycle to clear.


You can. When you pull up the wyze app and you see the feed from your camera, theres a little green thing that says ON just tap that and itll turn it off.

As @bryonhu said, that doesn’t actually turn off the power to the camera. It puts it into a standby mode and turns off video and motion detection. To power off the camera you need to unplug it or have a smart plug attached to the camera so you can turn off the plug and power to the camera.

If you will give us some information about why you might need to “turn off” a camera, one of the very smart users on this forum can probably tell you exactly what you need to know. For instance, we need to determine if the camera needs to be completely powered off, or whether it needs to not be recording or looking for movement. These are two very different things and are handled in very different ways.


Thanks for your reply.
Whenever I lose electrical power or when I lose the internet, then some of my Wyze cameras come right back on and some other of my Wyze cameras do not.
The problem is that the cameras that do not come right back on will NOT display any video and the app says that they are OFF LINE or Non-responsive.
If I unplug them and then wait about 30 seconds and plug them in again they return to working OK.
That is the problem I want to solve so that I do NOT have to go to different levels of the house and crawl around under a desk to cycle power. The cameras should have a stored power down sequence or a stored loss of Internet program so that they will return to normal operation when the lost power or lost internet comes back on.
Otherwise I really like the cameras.
THANKS for your HELP

You need a smart plug that will allow you to actually remove power from the cameras and restore it. You can use Wyze plugs or another brand. A different brand might be a better choice so that you can do so if there is a problem with the Wyze servers. I use both.

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Thanks for your reply.
That’s what I was afraid that I had to do.
That is why I have asked Wyze to change the app so I don’t have to buy a smart plug with every camera I buy.
I have some smart plugs that I can install for the really hard to get to camera plugs. I was hoping that Wyze would figure out a way around that
ATTENTION WYZE: Make the cameras so that they shut down ORDERLY so they can restart by themselves without any action on my part.

What you’re asking for isn’t realistic. If you think about it, your TV never really shuts off nor does your stereo or any other device controlled by a remote. If they did, you couldn’t turn them back on. They draw power and are in basically the same mode as the cameras, on but waiting for a command. If they were not in standby mode you couldn’t use the remote. It would be like the old electronics that actually would power off…you need to press a power button to turn them back on, which is similar to the smart plug for the Wyze camera.


Thanks for your reply.
I guess I want a camera that NEVER needs to have power removed and them re-applied. Make it like the TVs you mentioned. Let the cam be in standby mode. Have a small part of it be ON all the time in Standby so that I can RESTART the camera from the App.
What does unplugging it accomplish? Does it clear out the temporary memories and registers?
Whatever turning power off does, then let me do that remotely.
Having to unplug the cameras is a HUGE NEGATIVE for these otherwise great cameras.
When the Wyze cams work, I give them 10 stars.
When they STOP and have to cycle power, I give them a 1 star.
Thanks for listening.

Unfortunately, the cameras are simply little computers and most computers (laptops, servers, routers, switches, etc.) require reboots (i.e. removing power) to clear memory issues and other problems. TVs, stereos and the like, mostly aren’t the same beast and aren’t loading a lot of code into memory so rebooting isn’t needed. The Wyze ecosystem seems to have more issues which require frequent power cycling of their stuff. MS Windows used to be just as bad. I can’t say about the current version since I’m using linux now, but the three-finger salute (ctrl-alt-del) was a routine feature. So was the troubleshooting mantra: reboot, restore, reinstall.

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The hardware does not exist to turn a wyzecam off. If it is plugged in, power gets there.

I vote against putting a power switch in the hardware, which increases the cost for no practical reason.

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I agree. I don’t want a power switch in the hardware either.
I want the firmware to be designed to shut down “ORDERLY” so that when power or the internet comes back on that that camera automatically comes back on and operates correctly.
A firmware update with this feature would make the Wyze cam V3 be PERFECT.

When the power fails suddenly, none of the firmware operates, so “orderly shutdown” can’t happen. If your camera is writing to the SD card, then it can destroy the SD card.

If you want orderly shutdowns, you need to buy a whole-house UPS and an always-on PC so that your computer can automate everything while the backup power is working, unmounting all the SD cards for example, and restarting the cams without SD cards before the USP shuts down itself and your house goes dark.
It would also take a good amount of scripting to turn off everything in an “orderly” way.

Or, you can just not worry about it, and recycle things that don’t survive power failures. But Wyze cams aren’t that fragile. They don’t get bricked very easily. I’ve got dozens of them, and I’ve never seen one ever get bricked. The only one I’ve seen fail was a PanCam v1 that sat outdoors for too many years and the sensor has developed a bad color tint - so it went to recycling. It’s cheaper to do that than to redesign my home’s power system.

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Problem Solved


I got myself a box of 4 of those smart plugs to use inside the house for a heater while I’m away for the winter, as well as for 2 electric water bowls in the chicken coops so they don’t freeze. I tested one plug out and it worked. Since the OP mentioned the problem (which I’ve also had before myself with the cams), I think I will get more of those plugs for the cams as well. Hadn’t thought of that until I saw this. Thanks.

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