Outdoor Cam Won't Turn Off

I have a problem with my Outdoor Cam that started today. Whenever I turn it off, it automatically turns back on. Is there some setting I need to change? If not, How do I get it to turn off and stay off?


What model? I would sign out of app and then back in…if it is your battery camera then power cycle your hub/base

The outdoor cam can only be turned off with the physical off switch on the back of the camera.

Are you talking about the V3 cam instead? That does have the ability to turn off via the app. If it’s not working it needs to be power cycled (unplug for 30 seconds and then plug back in).

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When I go into settings it says:
Device Model: Wyze Cam Outdoor

My two other Wyze Cams can be turned off in the app, and this one would too until today. I am on Plugin Version

The Outdoor Cams can be turned on and off in the app. I am talking about the Outdoor Cam, not the regular Wyze Cams.

OK, so I rebooted the base and that seemed to work. Thanks everyone.

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Told you we half to do that from time 2 time…always try stuff before …its s very common to power cycle items

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Where in the settings can you turn it off? I don’t see that in the settings for my outdoor cam.

Tap the “More” icon:

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The round dot on the main page on the right all items have my light bulbs, wifi outlets

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See how they are currently On? If I push the button they turn off.


Ohhh I’ve never turned mine off. I didn’t realize it was hidden in the more menu and completely forgot you could click the circles on the main page :woman_facepalming:t2:.

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