Wyze Cam Outdoor Powering Off

I have two Wyze cam outdoor cameras. They are both powering off in the App.

They both have above 90% battery
They both have over two bars of signal from the base.

I can turn them on at the top of the app and browse the camera or watch the video and as long as I am watching video the camera will stay on, but as soon as I go back to the camera list the camera will cut itself off after about 5 seconds.

What is the solution?


Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do? I don’t have one but my understanding is that it can’t continuously record and is only active upon motion detection, live viewing, or scheduled recording.

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No, it is suppose to stay on but go in to hybernation until it senses motion.

What do you mean by “ hibernation“? The camera is only fully on during a livestream or when it detects motion. Is your camera not recording motion events?

The *cut itself off" he mentioned is equivalent to “hibernation” so I give up figuring out the expectation… If he was under the impression the live stream was always active or that the camera was always on, well unlike the other models the WCO doesn’t do that.

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