Wyze cam goes offline recently

Not quite sure anyone else experiencing same issue (I could have missed when searching for related topics in the forum). My Wyze cam goes offline automatically and this generally happens during the late evening or overnight. Is it because of cold outside (just about 1 or 0°C or 32F) or something else?

I have to recycle the power plug physically and there is no way to re-activate it from Wyze app on my cellphone. it was pretty good when I first installed since early September this year, any idea or suggestion?


I have a camera that has been out in -5C without any issues. Have you tried a different cable/power adapter or moving it inside to see if the issue keeps happening? If you have a smart plug you could power cycle the smart plug remotely to reset it.

Check all your connections make sure there not corroded or anything.
My cameras outside under the eaves have no extra covers or anything on them , been there over a year the cold doesn’t bother them , 17 below zero last year

Thanks for the messages.

My cam has a wall mount bracket covered under the eaves and it looks good so far I believe (the cam was just installed not long ago though in Sept). Just would like to know is your Wyze cam actually connected to a power outlet inside your house? I have them all outside, is that a problem?

My outdoor camera is plugged into an outdoor outlet but is well sheltered from the elements by the overhang above my doorway. The camera has no extra protection. The outlet is protected by a clear plastic cover. Pretty much 0% chance of getting wet unless winds are crazy strong.

Thanks and me too. I have carefully installed and sheltered the USB cable under sidewall, it shouldn’t cause any grief.

At same time I finally found a similar topic within the Forum and Wyze v2 does go on/off sometimes, the discuss seems still ongoing.

this link has better view on the topic.

If it were me I would make sure the firmware was up to date and try it with a different cable and different power adapter if possible and see if it repeats. In the case that it does then the issue would likely be with the camera itself. Have there been any power outages prior to the issue occuring? I’ve seen power surges mess up adapters and cables before.

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Firmware is up to date and hopefully not an issue from the camera.

Good point there was a power outage due to high wind not long ago and that was my first interruption. Let me see I can get another set of adapter and cable to test it out.

My outdoor cams get power from these

What a brilliant idea. I need to bring my lamp closer or re-wire my cable LOL.

To clarify , these are inside my outdoor porch light fixtures