Outdoor camera and Wyze Sense offline

Just updated the base firmware and now my outdoor cam says it’s “offline” with 0 signal strength even though I can tap it and view the video feed.

How do I get it “online”?

I’ve had that happen during testing. Usually I just needed to exit that app. But, sometimes I had to force stop it.
If the camera is part of a group and you are seeing it “offline” there, exiting the group usually did it for me.

I tried force quitting, turning the outdoor cam off and on. It’s not in a group. Still stuck “offline”

It’s worth noting I’m having a lot of problems tonight with many wyze products. Half my bridges are offline (yet again), all my sense products are offline. And now the outdoor cam also. Sighhhh.

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I can only guess server issues @WyzeGwendolyn? I can’t re-pair sensors, everything is offline, the bridges don’t even show up in the list to choose from anymore when adding new sense products in the app.

All sensors are “stuck”, no rules are working. Smells like a server outage. I’m going to bed.

Thanks for the tag! I’ll check with the team.

for giggles I reverted to and the outdoor cam is still offline.

Three of my lights turned on for no reason and I had to turn them off. Typical Beta app hiccups. But everything else is working ok.

Motion sensor not turning lights on here red light came on though

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Same here and I’m running the production app. Must be a server glitch.


I believe so

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All of my sense products are offline… yet… again…

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And all my sense products are offline again.

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Mine too. Get used to it. Wyze is very disappointing and they’re doing nothing about it

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I can’t tell if my cams are being hacked, or if this is merely the daily server-side outages. I turn my cams on, and they immediately turn themselves off. Various weird behaviors too numerous to go into. But it appears that either a hacker or the server is “controlling” the behavior of the Wyze app. Whatever I do, the Wyze app does whatever it wants. Can someone confirm either way that the Wyze servers are either working flawlessly right now or that something local is occurring for all the people reporting an issue? After the Wyze data hack/breach awhile back, I’m so paranoid now about everything.

There seems to be a server issue on Wyze’s end. Several are experiencing weird behavior with the app.


All of my sense products are down. Very frustrating! I am about to give up on the whole Wyze platform…

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Thank you. Could you update the title and consolidate the Wyze cam and sense and outdoor posts? I’d never dig into that “Outdoor camera offline” post because I don’t have any of the new Outdoor cameras. Most people like me have multiple Wyze cams and multiple Wyze Pan cams and multiple Wyze Sense contact and motion sensors.