Wyze Cam Outdoor Wire-free cameras went offline

After installing Wyze Outdoor Wire-Free Camera 2 of 2, all cameras went offline and could not be brought online. Initially they both worked as expected.
I also had updated FW today to:
Cameras (Model WVOD1) FW Battery level over 90% on each.
Base unit FW, Plugin version, Blue LED on solid and is visible in the Wyze App.
Outside temp is 25 degrees F

I was unable to power cycle the cameras via the Wyze app. Both of the cameras were offline. I power cycled the base unit by physically unplugging it and powered back on. The cameras were still offline.

I had to physically power cycle each camera. Once I did this, both cameras came back online and are currently working.

This issue could have been a real problem if I was traveling and unable to physically cycle power on the cameras. Plus, who wants to get a ladder out in cold weather to reach the cameras?