Outdoor Cam offline

My Wyze Outdoor Cam has been showing as “off line” for the last few days. When I select the image, it comes up and shows a live image. No motion detection. I’ve deleted the device and reinstalled with no improvement and it will not take a firmware update. For what it’s worth it is 100% charged.
I’m looking for a fix without waiting on hold with Wyze support.

I have seen where the % charge is actually incorrect. Have you brought the camera in, plugged it into power and see if it comes up as expected?

Also, have you unplugged the base from power, waited 15 seconds, then plug it back in so it establishes a new connection to the camera?

Initially, power level was stuck at 50%. I removed and reinstalled the camera within 6 feet of the base station. Used the sync button on the base and camera so it reinstalled. I did not see a reason to power cycle the base station.

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I have found, with mine, that resetting the base (power cycling) cleared some issues. Simple thing to try. :slight_smile:

Also, plugging it into power will ensure you are good as well. I leave it connected when I charge mine, even though it is recommended not to.

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OK. Lesson learned, Power cycling the base station resolved this. Coincident to the AWS outage, I was expecting more complicated. Thanks!

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