Wyze Camera Outdoor will not power on w/' full charge

I have two of the Outdoor cameras and one base station. Initially I had some connection issues during setup, but was able to finally get everything working. However, about 2 weeks ago one of the two cameras showed as “offline” in the app. I took it down and it appeared to be out of battery, but that’s odd because it was at a full charge and was only in use for about 8 days. So, I plugged it in and let it charge till the light on the back went solid, but it still will not power on at all.

Has anyone dealt with something similar?

Did you remove the charging cord and turn the power switch to off then back to on after it was charged. I assume the light was solid red when you finished charging.

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The light was solid red and the camera power switch was set to “off.” I then unplugged the cable and switched it over to “On.” After doing so there is absolutely no light activity on the Camera, it shows as “offline” in the app and even the “Sync” button gets no response.

I am charging the camera using the provided usb cable and power plug adapter. I’ve tried multiple different outlets to make sure it had nothing to do with where I was charging it.

The device went offline after about 8 days of use at 85% remaining battery and I have not been able to get it back on since that point.

Is the base plugged into the router via ethernet and does the base have a solid blue light? Did you try to remove and restart the power to the base, I’ve done that for a problem cam before that wouldn’t connect and got it going again. You can submit a ticket but maybe you should call support M-F 4 Am- 8 Pm Pacific time at 1-206-339-9646 or 1-844-999-3226. I have had good luck calling about 9:00 AM or sometime around there.