Wyze Cam Outdoor issue

Hi all, I have an issue; I went to update my outdoor cam the other day and later that night I noticed my camera was offline but no connectivity issues. Yesterday I took it down, turned it off and back on thinking that would fix the problem. Today I see it’s still not working because the update never completed so I deleted the camera so I can add it back but it’s not turning on at all. Ik it said it was on 94%. What can I do to fix it

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Start with leaving it off and plugging it in to recharge. I forget what the light colors should be. Eventually you should be confident the camera is fully charged, so disconnect it and turn it on. Go from there

Plug it into power with the power adapter and cord into a wall socket or use the supplied cable and plug it into the base. Flashing red is charging, solid red means it is done charging. If you don’t get any light at all maybe the on/off switch is broken? If it is solid red remove the charging cable and turn on the cam if it was off and see if it will connect.