Outdoor Camera, no light on back or connection after charging

Cam is fully charged but is “offline” and won’t power up or connect to anything.
Error says to Force close the app and retry and Power cycle the camera. Both are not working at all.

Shows “Device Offline” in camera list and Offline in the Base info.
I have the latest upgrade. It is connected to the base station.
It seemed to get wacky when the charging was done and I didn’t unplug it right away.

What I have done:

Turned off the camera for 30 seconds and turned back on. A few times.
Pressed the setup button for a really really long time and nothing happened.
Took out sd card and put back in.
Plugged it into the base station even though it’s fully charged.
There is not light on on the back at all. When it’s plugged in the steady red light comes on (charged).

iPhone shows last capture (not event) as yesterday and iPad shows last capture (not event) as today in the new location.

I think I have done everything I can do?
Is there anything else?

Thanks for your help if you have any!

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@shinymama Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your outdoor cam.

In order for the community, and Wyze, to assist you better, please provide your current base station & outdoor cam firmware version.


Base Station - WVODB1 Firmware Version
Outdoor Cam (that isn’t working) - WVOD1 Firmware Version


It still isn’t doing a thing except showing that it’s charged. I deleted it and will probably put it on eBay for parts. Maybe with the hat! :smile:

These outdoor cams are a disappointment.

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Hi @shinymama Sounds like the battery may have died. Open a Support Ticket and see if they might make an exchange. https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033507872-Submit-a-Log


If you do sell it off, be sure to remove the uSD card and remove it from your account so someone can fix / use it.